Oct Message for Subscribers, this time Metatron

Our Theory of Everything, Dynamic Time, Inserting Codes

Metatron and our Theory of Everything offers a completely fresh view of this reality, its purpose and its nature that dispels dogma, religion and new age ideas of awakening

Some comments from this message:

From Melissa: ’inserted codes interrupt space /time’ WOW!! Mind blown in the best of ways!! ♥️ ‘operating transcendent of space time’. okay I am officially in love with today’s message!! 🥰 ‘Ageless archetype’ 😍

From Amy: Me too! I love everything 💗 and love this message.

From Tom: Yeah, me too! Fantastic ideas being discussed – so interesting!

From Alicia: This all makes so much sense!!!

From Connie: ‘all of it fits here’, OMG this is so good! xoxo

From Tom: So, in summary, how would Metatron express the essence of his big TOE (Theory Of Everything)? Is it that all is essentially consciousness and energy vibration etc.? Thanks, loving this!

From Melissa: I am full if tingles and goosebumps about this message and Zion memories. you did so many trips last 2 years like you were in a hurry for a reason??

From Laurie: Thank you, Jill and Metatron… it makes so much sense to me too!

From Tom: If it isn’t a complete TOE then, it ends up being a TOSS – Theory Of Some Stuff. I get it!

From Lisa: Love “every soul has a menu” which I’ve always felt as a child as I had keen memories of why I chose some of the items on the menu. So powerful to make this connection in a different light now. Thank you, Jill! This session was awesome!

From Melissa: Listening at least 2 more times to mine all of the treasures!!

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Making sense of life, living and this realm. Beyond religion, science. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it.



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