Being Hope

Mastery, light and choosing love no matter what

Hello and welcome to the new season ~

I hope you enjoy this message, that it helps clarify, reinforce and/or support
the light
the source energy
that you are.

Being. Hope. 

We support you today in more deeply and completely being the source energy you are. 

This is sooo rare…  The vast majority of spiritual teachings unintentionally poke at a sense of void in humanity, making one feel like they need something to access and be the light… they already are. 

We aren’t pretending that you aren’t
source energy.

We aren’t acting as if source energy is something you evolve towards, but
you aren’t

We aren’t doing high pressure sales pitches, making you feel like without a certain class or without a certain ability then you have a huge void, unfulfilled.

It is clear, crystal clear, that you are source energy
right now
and in every now
and in the layers of source that are beyond now
beyond spacetime.
beyond space | beyond time
here, there, every “where” and “where” there isn’t a “where”
there is only omnipresence
no “where” it isn’t

as source energy
have created a human (you) to be in this time
to be a one of a kind expression of source energy
to be your one of a kind expression of source energy
anything you want to be
here, as you.
Anything is available, too, including pretending
source energy.

Your team is you.
Your team has a you that it gets to be (not has to be)
In every session it is clear that there is no one your team would rather be
than you.

Your team (you) loves you.
Your team (you) follows your lead.
There is no higher authority of your you, than you.

When you ask your team, at its most expanded vibration, what you should do, it responds “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”  Because your team follows your lead.  You are the leader of you. 

Now, one can pretend that someone or something else is a higher authority and is better in charge than them. And if that is going well, great!  But, there is another way, that requires a beautiful and sacred trust
that one is the light of source,
even when they don’t feel guided,
even if they don’t feel their team,
even if they can’t hear or see or smell or touch their team. 

You are
light ~

And here…
it doesn’t always feel that way.
For some, it never feels that way.
But they, and you, and all life, is still
source energy.

Source energy is 100% benevolent.
And here, in this strange reality, with so many acting as if its self isn’t source energy, things can and do happen that don’t look benevolent.  They may even feel malevolent.  That isn’t source energy consciously acting as itself.  That is source energy within this realm, able to forget it is source.
Within certain selves they demonstrate their ability and willingness
to act thoughtlessly, carelessly,
meanly, stupidly, angrily, drunkenly,
with out benevolence…
or even in the worst extremes of forgetting – malevolence. 

This is a very, very strange realm.  Where source can make selves to be within this realm for limited periods of time called lives, where it can and regularly does forget what it is.  And acts accordingly.  Not looking anything like Source. But sometimes does. Always could. 

It often doesn’t feel like this reality was built for beings like us (beings who feel conscious of, delighting in and possibly in service of light/source).

That is accurate. 

This reality wasn’t made for us.  It wasn’t made for many greats.  They came anyway. 

We also came anyway.

A group like us is very different for this place and this time in that 
wired ourselves to be the light we are, as we each may be led, from our own leadership, our own accord, our own agency. 

This reality allows self, including any of us, to forget or even ignore the light we are.  The self is still Source.  Any self

I was thrilled at this revelation. It makes so much sense! And it is incredibly comforting.  I feel so blessed that we can know this.  Even if others do not.

I’m glad we are here and I’m glad we know what we know.

It is such an upgrade from thinking that souls are born separate from source or weak in their source energy, needing to have lives to grow, strengthen, improve on trying to be source energy, or trying to be a “better” representation of source energy. 

The notion of a God that would review one’s life, judge them, and then say, something like “Ok, looks like you made some progress but you aren’t there yet.  I need to send you back to Earth to work on ____, _____ and ______.”  Can you imagine so many kicking and screaming on their way back in?

that isn’t true.

Earth can feel like heaven.  But to many, far too often, it can feel very much like hell.  Even worse, to some, it can feel like a personal hell. And with Earth being as incredibly complex, unfair and with so much randomness, this would be a very unfair place for source to send a student of source. 

How did we get to that idea of evolutionary incarnations and that some are closer to God than others?

My team pointed out a very helpful story:  “At one point there was a being that felt very enlightened, wise, connected, gifted in source energies. (Let’s call them Supra for this telling.) Supra noticed that others weren’t like them.  Supra noticed that others, too, could sense and benefit from their enlightenment.  This wise being concluded
that they must have been here on Earth more than the others…
Supra perceived that those who didn’t feel the inner enlightenment must need to learn these ways, these connections. 
Through trying to assist others in their development, Supra noticed that it was harder with some than others, for many reasons.  Supra perceived that it would take some beings many lifetimes to get where Supra was.”

This is how the notion of evolutionary incarnation cycles was created.
An incorrect conclusion, that helped explain some things in this reality but completely incorrectly.
And here we are.
Trying to identify the Supras.
Trying to figure out who needs to learn what and on what level of what path they are on.
And trying to be done, to be fully enlightened, from here.

The entire premise

And it can’t be made right. Sadly. 

What is correct?

The enlightened being wired themselves for that journey as Supra to be connected (as source energy), consciously wise, possessing advanced discernment and supernatural abilities.  This wiring is completely independent of number of lifetimes. It may be their
They didn’t become that way here.
They showed up that way here.
Whether they felt it earlier in their life or not, the wiring was there.
Because they put it there.

The other beings acting differently, “less enlightened” may have a) wired themselves to be connected, and yet, for many valid reasons, they are not acting enlightened or maybe they just don’t feel connected. But they are 100% source energy, nevertheless. 

The other beings may have b) not wired themselves for an enlightened experience at all.  Their “team” in creating their human may have felt “Well Earth allows for forgetting we are source.  Let’s create a self, a human, and be completely on vacation from any sense of our source energy.  Let’s see what happens.  Earth is pretty crazy a lot of the times anyway.” 

This, b option, happens.
All the time actually.

no one here needs to remember they are source.
No one here needs to ascend.
No one here needs to know or even care about source energy and the infinite light they are.

Wise beings, today, can

We know this.
And it

Does it make me sad that there is so much lack of light in this reality?  100% yes. 
Does it make me feel helpless?  100% yes, regularly.  And I know it did for Jesus, and Mary Magdalene and the Buddha and others, too.

And we made a self, to be, anyway. 

Maybe we were hoping
we would access the truth that all are source, whether they know it here or not.  Maybe our teams danced and sang for us, and for this reality, at this true breakthrough.

My light soared
when I remembered, as my enlightened wisdom of source,
that all are source
that all are light.
And that they can act, pretend otherwise.
They can completely forget and fully ignore the source, the light, the benevolence they are.
And I don’t need to worry about that, or fix that or solve that.
Because Source
loves them
knows them
as Source.
No matter what.

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You don’t need it :-) 
But, if it helps you feel, know or even trust
the light you Are, I think it’ll be worth it.  

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In God’s love and blessings,
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