Cults, Warning Signs, Signs of Cult Thinking and Cult Ideology

I hope this one doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But I’ll offer it here, offering some deeper, personal connection to Source/God. And if it offends anyone, please know it is offered with love and you have the choice to completely disagree with me or ignore this altogether.

That said, here we go.

I used the word cult in a recent post that had a lot of comment activity on my social media page and I realize that an updated definition of cult may be useful. Because no one wants to think they are in a cult.

I regularly observe cult-like or even full on cult behavior in my work and especially social media.

The updated definition of a cult is offered here.

Cults instill and reinforce beliefs that:

  1. Source/God is outside of you (often above self, light is pulled in from the inside out, as if it wasn’t there before it was “brought in”, from “above”)
  2. As a human you work your way towards God
  3. Others that aren’t doing the same “work” will eventually even if they aren’t now
  4. All or at least most humans are on Earth to learn lessons, become evolved closer to their true Source Energy
  5. Some humans will take many lifetimes (reincarnations) to self actualize, at which time they will no longer need to incarnate
  6. The leader of a consciousness or spiritual group is closest to God vibrationally, hence they are the leader, helping the members raise their vibration higher and higher.
  7. One’s closeness to God/self-actualization is shown via their spiritual gifts and abilities
  8. The group assists its members in working their way through issues, blocks and pains that are separating them from God, from “wholeness”
  9. Everyone experiencing pains and trauma are learning lessons needed for their growth and their self actualization
  10. Money may be spent on one’s evolution and growth, clearing, healing and acquiring spiritual abilities, and it is justified, even when causing great financial debt, because their soul’s evolution is more important than their financial responsibility.
  11. Activities, work, careers, professions, people, relationships, free time, even colors one will or won’t wear are assessed based on whether they are low vibrational or high vibrational/”spiritual”.
  12. There is no bad – nothing is inherently bad. Everything can be perceived as good and helpful to one’s evolution.
  13. If one has natural spiritual gifts it is because they’ve earned them in previous lifetimes.
  14. “Past lives” are relevant and need to be understood because it can tell you what you are here to work on and this can help you move through the lessons in this lifetime more effectively and efficiently.
  15. Soul contracts are set up to assist you in working on lessons, further evolving.
  16. Evolution and healing is accomplished through clearing, releasing, and getting clear enough to eventually stay clear. If someone isn’t clear or isn’t staying clear then their vibrational frequency isn’t high enough yet but they can keep working towards that and ideally in this lifetime (then they won’t have to come back).
  17. One must become clear and stay clear in order to feel connected to Source/God frequencies. (The blocks, debris, trauma are in the way of one’s Source light and therefore must be removed as needed).
  18. Difficult relationships are good, even if painful, because they offer so many lessons, so much progress. The more work a relationship is, the more benefit it is offering the soul.
  19. If another is in pain, or even causing pain in our life, they are there in our lives for a reason and we must help them heal, clear, grow, learn and evolve and we are then also improving ourselves.
  20. Nothing is really separate from self. Everything and everyone is connected. Everyone is one. Any pain one sees in the world, is actually their own pain. Any goodness one sees in the world is their own goodness.
  21. In order to self-actualize, the world must be healed, cleared so that every one can be well and good and whole and pain free.
  22. One’s life purpose and/or mission must be determined so that the life is not wasted, and it can be used for good, for growth, for learning or for helping others learn their lessons.
  23. Being positive leads to positive things happening in one’s life. If one is positive enough, and has sufficiently cleared, only positive things will happen in their lives.
  24. When something negative happens, it is because that individual wasn’t positive enough in their frequency and/or their soul needed that growth, that pain, to evolve and learn those lessons.
  25. Money is energy and can be attracted with the matching vibration, which may have nothing to do with work, profession or providing value to others via commerce.
  26. Those with money have either manipulated others to get it or have energetically been a match for it.
  27. There is no such thing as luck. Nothing random happens. Everything happens for an orchestrated reason and purpose for the progression and lessons needed by those in this world.
  28. There may be individuals (very few) who are incarnated that didn’t have to incarnate. They aren’t here for lessons, they are more evolved, very different than others, more special, closer to God than the rest, with special abilities, the rest don’t have, and they can help the rest move forward faster in their incarnation processes. These individuals tend to be spiritual leaders who help others.

28… and so many more… but those came to the surface quickly so let’s start there.

For anyone reading any of these 28 thinking, “wait that’s not a cult thing, that’s true” we offer a completely different perspective, that liberates you, right into the light that you are, not that you are trying to be, or working on being.

For anyone saying “but I’m not perfect yet, what should I do?” Accept the grace of Source energy, that those flaws aren’t in the way of your light. They couldn’t be. Because nothing can be. But we are powerful enough to pretend that they are in the way… and a huge, wildly profitable industry has been created to help people “work on their lessons, so that they can then be their light.” It’s shady, when you really look into its energy, its endlessness, its seeking, vs. finding, its members rarely feeling “done”, “ready”, “there.”

Because there’s always something more to heal, to clear, to learn. That’s life. Not a sign of lack of wholeness or any deficiency in your soul. Ok?

There is another view, of this entire reality and everything you are and others are and what is happening “here” offered in a 4 part workshop which you may enjoy, recordings are here.

Offered with Love,

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