Platinum Age Ground Crew

Platinum Age Ground Crew

I’m curious, if many within this amazing Platinum Age Ground Crew often look at the human race, Earth, or ourselves, as children? I wonder what the world can be when we treat each other as the adults we are, fostering further independence, critical thinking, seeing the big picture rather than just the obvious.

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This may be an important upgrade towards authentic Sovereignty.

I recognize we can often feel our worth by how much we are needed. In that regard isn’t the best outcome, for all involved, to truly not be needed?

In attempts for being of service are we handing out fish, or fishing poles? But, handing out fish feels so good… And it’s only for the short term… Or is it?

Who might you be saving from themselves? Why? Did they ask you to? Is it having the outcome you intended? Is it truly serving them, and/or you? What else would you be if you weren’t rescuing?

There are many human incarnations this crew has had where we “die”, get to the life review, we see the big picture and we say, “oh… Wow, I stepped right into that didn’t I” reflective, smiling, no judgment, just noticing how much we lived our lives for others, mostly as a result of not seeing how amazing the others were/are, at their core.

What needs to get done first before you give yourself permission to be the joy, light, love, discernment and wisdom of God? How about nothing? How about having that be first, always.

Helping others often doesn’t help them see their core (Light). It helps them see our core (Light).

I’m holding space for an upgraded way to offer support and assistance as led that supports the mature light of God within all life. I’m tired by the endless rescuing that seems to not make the difference we expected. I think we as humanity can do better. But I feel there are many benefits to having each human feel more accountable for themselves, because we truly are.

This reality is created for an opportunity to be unique aspects of God. “We are all one” applies to the deepest/highest realms, not Earth.

So now what? Idk. But I know we can do better than this. And I know we truly only control ourselves. And I know that is enough.

Are we creating a new age, or are we nurse maids, coddling the Separation/dark age?

What more can our Light be when we truly set it free, without guilt, shame or mind control?

Let’s not wait to die, to see what is going on.


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