WE Evolve Humanity

WE evolve humanity

Perhaps by focusing on the positive we felt happier… but by ignoring the negative the world kept spinning out of control. By not focusing on it, it didn’t go away… Just like not focusing on it didn’t prevent negativity from arising. The 3rd and 4th dimensions are polarized. And you can’t be 5D and beyond without also including the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Even cosmic math has the values of 1-4 in the number 5…

Focusing on the negative doesn’t make the negative thing real and it doesn’t make it bigger. Allowing your view and focus and attention to include all sides, all directions makes you more empowered to alchemize and embody your light amidst all levels of your being, which includes being human.

You didn’t choose to be a dog, or a horse or a bunny in this lifetime. You chose to be human. (And I’m glad you did because your human is nothing less than amazing)

We are all one… at the deepest levels of Source energy. Here, on Earth, we are not all one. And we’ve got the fingerprints and DNA coding to prove it.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m asking you to reconsider everything you’ve thought or been told is “true”. I’m encouraging you to break out of spiritual, consciousness and self-help dogma.

‘m not asking for too much. I’m asking you to be You. Your Soul Signature. Your one of a kind human.

We don’t need fluffy, ungrounded, illogical, non-sense spirituality to evolve humanity. We need you, your Light, your Fire, your heart, your mind.

Now, WE evolve humanity.


Jill Renee Feeler

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P.S. if your into the revolution bullshit, I’m not on that train. We’ve tried that before and I didn’t come here for that class and racial warfare nonsense. Russell Brand consciousness imo is regressive and distracting (and admittedly compelling to anyone who feels disenfranchised – but that doesn’t make it relevant and progressive). I’m feeling quite bold today and just wanted to say very plainly where I stand on that, and I honor your ability to stand where you like as well.