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A series with powerhouse results for transforming and upgrading your relationship with money, finances and economics in this reality. Soulful living and financial freedom CAN and DO go together.

Everything is changing. We ARE changing everything. Creating new structures. Revisiting outdated truths.  It is time for actual results on the physical planes.

Money challenges come up for a lot of my clients and is a common topic my team is helping with in private sessions, with amazing results. Still, I was never led to do a class or series on Money Mastery because I believe it truly isn’t about the money, rather our issues with money stem from much deeper in our psyche.

In the midst of planning and marketing my annual platinum age retreat, I heard from many people that they really wanted to come But they didn’t have the money. I knew I could help with that.  Hence this series was born. In some ways I feel like my Higher Self lovingly tricked me into agreeing to do a Money Mastery Series and now I’m so glad I did because it has been game changing for many beautiful beings here on Earth and hopefully you, too.

My services tune up your energy field, so that it is more in alignment with your divine heritage, your inner sovereignty. This series includes 4 audio recordings, offering foundational teachings, activations, tools and energy shifts. You’ll have lifetime access to the archive.

Cost is 500 USD 100 USD Special This 100 USD amount can also be put towards any Retreat cost, for those who choose to join us for an upcoming retreat.

As a bonus, upon purchase you will find a link to join a closed group on Facebook with others who have participated in this series where you can share and interact with others operating in this new way with the money matrix.

With love and blessings,

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From Ellen USA “Jill, this is truly a money mastery class. I love it!”

From Holly USA “The world Jill described in Atlantis with the shoemaker is exactly as I view it. When we are doing work that we love, that is in our genius zone (the kind where we say “I’m actually getting paid for this?!”), there is a magnetic energy that is imbued into the product or service we are creating and sharing with the world. I know that if we are operating in our genius zone, anything we are inspired to create has a corresponding market of people who are desiring to experience it. And more and more people are becoming attuned (consciously or unconsciously) to their ability to sense that energy of joy, integrity and authenticity.”

From Melanie: “Hi everyone! These classes have worked wonders for our bank account–It’s the first month in years that we met our personal financial goals. But we were also faced with an extraordinary amount of unforeseen expenses in this same month! This is all still so very positive as the extra income we made, compensated for the extra expenses in the end, and we broke even.  One more thing, not only is this a money mastery class, but I also feel like my self esteem got a major upgrade! Thanks so much Jill. xo”

Still not sure? Trust your instincts. I don’t want to sell you another money mastery series if it isn’t going to work. So, here is a guarantee from me. If within 30 days of purchase date you are not satisfied, send me an email asking for a refund and I will refund your payment in full.  There you go :-) Now let’s do this!  Click here to Purchase Now!