JRF Podcast #206 Expanding the Range of Consciousness and Solutions

New problems, big challenges often call for open-mindedness, fresh perspectives and solutions you may have never been open to before. Also, are you protecting your light from this reality, from your humanness? Divine insights for Empowering your light, here! Overthinking setting up a monthly membership program. Avoiding pharmaceuticals. Fear of harmful effects of vaccinations. Should one take medicine for migraines? Will medicine block one’s spiritual connection? Rules for spirituality. Rules for being high vibe. Rules of religion. We also discuss the continuing collapse of the Catholic church’s integrity and viability. The only reason it remains is because of the faithful still supporting it. And why wouldn’t they, when their whole lives they’ve been told that to be close to God they need the church, it’s rules, it’s leadership in their lives. But rules and structure don’t make us closer to God. God makes us closer to God, from the inside out. For anyone in an organized structure, they may not know this… but can also discover it for themselves. If these messages play any role in helping anyOne personally connect to God, from the inside, then I’m delighted. Sending so much love and healing, gratitude and blessings, to anyone having a hard time right now. You Are loved. Right there. XOxo, Jill Video is here:

Audio is here:   Have you joined our Membership page yet, with exclusive monthly offers? If not, WHAT are you waiting for ?!!???  The April event will be on Sunday April 7th and I am feeling the energies building nicely :-) You can join in to this special, dedicated Bringers of Light group at https://jillreneefeeler.com/monthly-members-only/  Also, I greatly support this way of regularly contributing, even nominally,  to my work and what we offer for our Lights in this world ~ thank you! Weekly messages are our gift to the world, to inspire the Light of God within all life. This is a no bullshit zone – we turn “enlightenment” teachings on their head… to reveal the authentic Light that is already there, in You! Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You. Workshop in Boise!!!  
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