Yesterday we had the Bonus Q&A call from the Truth Codes Zion Recording series – Oh my goodness, I LOVE what we all do together in our Q&A calls…

Our being alongside each other, vs. me in front of you…

Your questions add to the content we create! The questions and insights provided by the participants (fellow contributors!) make the series’ even more deep, expansive and activating. Your questions and insights feel like a friend/colleague saying, “Hey Sister, what about this over here, too?” with a smile, and a wink.

~ I love it ~

Openness to our mutual ~ our individual mastery. That is within each of us.


In yesterday’s Q&A call a participant/contributor mentioned this (shared excerpt from chat transcript):
From Deb : Thank you for your answers to my questions . . . they were SO helpful! I loved this course, just as I loved the new course on the afterlife [The After Life Revealed: A Bridge of Light Within]. SO much gratitude!!! I found it tremendously helpful to hear your suggestion (in the last section) that we PAUSE before speaking out of past truths. I had something of that experience in the homework exercise at the beginning of the latest [After Life Revealed] course, and it was such fun! Like you, I love to be surprised!!!
From Connie : I have in my notes-Allow your light to be UNSHAKEABLE!
From Cheryl : PLUG: Yes, yes, yes – [After Life Revealed] Bridge of Light is awesome – have started the series a second time this morning . . . a great companion to Jill’s book Being Your Light. Thank you Jill !

Smiling here in observation of how well everything we do is going together so beautifully… I’m sure I couldn’t have humanly planned it this well.

Going with the flow, of the light expansion on Earth, and sooooo honored to be a part of it, alongside you.

Link is HERE for the newest series: The After Life Revealed: A Bridge of Light within (that series’ Bonus Q&A call will be April 6th – cannot wait!). Please check it out, we’ve done something completely next level in this series… together.



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