Hello December

“I’m imagining that all leaders, all visionaries at some point question and then defy the current rules of the game… I see our tribe here as filled with leaders, visionaries.  Pioneers. Dedicated to the Light and Love of Source. Across all realities. The rules keep people safe…? That is only a perception; a feeling of safety in a structure of supposed predictability. And yet Earth is unpredictable. By design and by function. Hence if it is predictability that makes one feel safe then I would guess they will never feel truly safe here on Earth.  If this is striking a chord within you, please take a deep breath and place your hand on your heart. Safety… is perhaps best achieved by knowing that You will have the ability to create various options for yourself, possibly very decent and even amazing options, no matter what happens here. Safety comes from trusting yourself. Trusting You and your divine connection to The Source Energy of God, that is eternal. If there are layers within yourself that want, even need, to know what will happen (forecasts, predictions, full proof plans and guaranteed positive outcomes), I recommend you give those parts of you a hug. As a loving and responsible parent to a child. Reassuring you that you are more prepared for this reality, for your present journey, than you know. That you have landed on your feet more times than you can recall. And here you are. Still here. And hopefully an ever improving version of yourself. This world didn’t cause that improvement. You did. You made that. Through circumstance that presented options. Then you responded. And you created. Your you. December in many ways feels like a thrill ride where the instructions are to secure all your belongings… the thrill ride where you can smile or scream, laugh or cry and either way… we land. On. Our. Feet. Looking from side to side at these amazing fellow cosmic travelers. Who came all this way. To be here. Now. Not out of obligation. Not to figure out anything. Not to fix some supposed hole or gap or void in one’s soulfulness. But to Be. The eternal light that we Are. In order to truly move forward, beyond the normal attempts of this reality to manipulate, confuse and delude, we must know the truth of our innate power, our eternal sovereignty. We aren’t here to learn nor earn our Light… that is a lie and a manipulation. To distract. Confuse. Delay. Manipulate. Control. Suppress. Can you imagine how different this reality will be when we know the Light of God that we Are? I completely accept the ability of each and every one of us to choose for ourselves who and what we are and how we want to experience ourselves in this reality. But, I also have a choice. And I refuse to pretend to see a student where I actually see a master. You are a master. By Birth. By identity. By your eternal state of beingness. Which can also apply here. But, you have to claim it. This reality doesn’t hand it to you. It (this reality) didn’t hand it to Jesus. It didn’t hand it to Buddha. They claimed it. Not for their glory. But for The glory of Source Creator God that is the true fabric and structure of all life. It takes some rule breaking, some deconstruction and even a dose of bold courage to do this. But, it is always possible. For all life. Now, this doesn’t mean we live forever. It also doesn’t mean that we become manifestation experts nor that everyone will all of a sudden be singing your praises and celebrating your liberation. Just ask Jesus and Buddha. They died, just like we will die. They didn’t live, as their physical state, much longer than was ordinary in their times. The world wasn’t singing their praises. They were viewed as exceptional by some and as literally crazy by others. Feel familiar? Therefore, it is incredibly helpful and savvy to watch your mind and its tales of what it means to be a master because it will likely leave out some of the best evidence we have for mastery in this reality and try to hold you to an unattainable standard. Which will consistently lead you to conclude that you are not a master and may never be one. The brain looks for evidence of this world seeing your mastery… but this world may not ever provide that external evidence that your brain craves. Just ask Jesus. HE is asking that you no longer require your brain to believe the truth, the eternal status of Your mastery. He is requesting that you not ask your brain to do what it was not built to do. He is asking you to trust the love in your heart; love that clearly doesn’t come from this reality. In fact this reality is very very good at diminishing and repressing that love. Love for others. Love for strangers. Love for Earth. Love for animals. Love for love. And yet, you’ve been here all these years of your life, and that love… is still there. In You. And this love has gotten even stronger in some case as you’ve been here longer. How do you explain that, other than soulful mastery and cosmic engineering… of you.. by You, your Soul Signature. That knows what it is doing. And wants, deeply, for you to know (beyond your brain) what you are doing. By trusting your divine nature, your human predisposition… towards and for love. Trust you. Claim your Mastery. Call bullshit on any of the rules that keep you from owning your Loving nature, or anything in your beautiful brain that has you denying your amazingness, your brilliance, your mastery.
Be your Light… here. Because it is why you are here.
Your light and soulfulness isn’t a job that requires you to walk away from any other roles you have here. Your light can be claimed right alongside all the other ways you enjoy yourself being here. Want to be a martyr? Your choice, not required. Want to live in poverty consciousness, or even actual poverty? Your choice, not required. Again, watch the rules and be ready to break them; even the rules we were offered as “enlightened”, “progressive”, “new earth”. Some of those… are pure bullshit, too. Trust. You. With love, gratitude and blessings for all that you are, Jill Renee Feeler and the Guardian Councils of the Golden and Platinum Rays” copyright 2017 Jill Renee Feeler and Platinum Age Creations LLC (yes, in this reality, I value private property rights and intellectual property) For those less accustomed to my written work, if you enjoyed this, you will likely enjoy this book. I used to write the messages quite often but in recent years have preferred the immediacy of live sharings in video and audio. Events, private sessions, archived classes, travel, recorded interviews and so much more are available. I LOVE to create and share soulful resources. Thank you for your support. I appreciate You.
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