Shedding for Authentic Expansion

Debunking the idea of spiritual levels, and who is ready for what teachings, truths. Let’s get out of the way… of the light that we Each are.

This one may be a game changer… As we create new frameworks and structures, and even language to hold the transcendent layers, which are beyond time and space, older structures may no longer serve, may feel constricting and suppressive. Of light. As a growing number are electing to embody these new structures there is an interestingly clear distinction between what was (as themselves) and what is. More room, for light.

No longer light that is outside of one’s self. Rather a light that is within, and yet beyond time space, at the same “time”. This article at link here is offered with love and with respect for you, your free will and your choosing of beliefs, truths, structures. If I didn’t know another way, that is better in my opinion and in my experience, I wouldn’t even desire to point out the clear distinctions, the obvious “before” and “after” results of operating in these differing structures.

If you are triggered, I am sorry. I love you enough to offer, without restriction, what I now know, see and feel as truth. I am only offering it. You have the free will to completely ignore me. It would be arrogant of me to think I know “what you are ready for”. Whenever one filters their wisdom for another, with the idea that the other isn’t ready for it, it may feel like compassion, and humility, but in structure, it is arrogant… it is one person acting like God for another, deciding what they are ready for. I get it, and people in spiritual service based businesses do it all the time, but, is it even necessary? Maybe it’s time to question that approach, and question everything we used to do or have always done.

I’ve heard the metaphor of “Well you wouldn’t give a full meal to someone who has been starving in the forest.” Ok, but, those who don’t know what you know aren’t actually starving…. and they aren’t really lost either? Each of us on Earth are whole and complete experiencers, some seeking meaning via spirituality and many not. And that is ok. The goal here, for everyone, isn’t to “remember” but it may have been for you, and that is ok. Or maybe it wasn’t even for you but you acted as if it was and that has been your experience but even before you “remembered” you were already whole, complete. Therefore, no need to assess “where one is” in their spiritual journey. Others may skip a whole slew of teachings you sought, and they may save years of searching. By offering them, anyone, if you are led, as you are led, what you know, now, you are no longer holding back on your truth, which they may decide is also their truth. But they may not come to it as quickly if you withhold it, if you instead assess what level they are at and what resource helped you when you were at “that level.” What if there was never meant to be levels to enlightenment, awakening? What if Creator of Origin would much prefer everyone who wants to know it, does know it, that they are its energy, whole and complete, even when they don’t know it…


Since I know all of us at inherently Source energy, there would truly be no truth that another wouldn’t be “ready for”. Unless… one had been operating within a structure that there are steps, levels to enlightenment. Do you believe, right now, that there are levels of readiness to know one is Creator of Origin? Does that makes sense? Would Creator of Origin place steps one must take to know it and would those steps in a sequence such that disrupting a step could push them further away from it, or from truth?

And, for anyone that is mad at me or disappointed in me for saying what is offered in this article at the link, I would suggest to you that you are running into the falseness of an outdated structure… false in that for it to be true, we needed everyone to believe it. And my exposing it as untrue, then feels like it is taking something away, from you and from others.

The best kind of structures are true, are real, are stable, whether they are believed or not.

Truths that are true whether you believe them or not.

With these new structures, there is no energetic crash, because it isn’t artificially pumped up… the outdated structures of transcendentalism required a lot of processes, and protocols and grand group activities in order to keep the expansion going.

How about a frequency range of Creator Origin that is self-pumped, inherently and infinitely-primed, fully present and available without any protocol to keep it in place???

And with that inherent nature, there is no ladder of enlightenment. There is no one ahead of you or behind you. There is no seniority, nor tenure, especially based on how long one has been on “on their path”. And, maybe that is what may feel so upsetting to some. At another level of self, they wanted to be “ahead”. Perhaps even just to feel more helpful, more purposeful, here in this confusing reality…

In our authentic Creator Origin layers, we are. And that is always alongside each other. Never in front. Never behind. Everyone is their transcendental layers as well as all of their human layers. And in this reality, we have enough creator energy and free will and differing consciousness to even completely disregard the transcendental layers… and even enough free will to try and disregard, our human layers, pretending they are in the way of our “spirituality”… when that isn’t even possible.

Article is here . Also, an 8 hour recorded workshop you may really love, is outlined here or if you already know you want it register here ($76 USD).

The words in the linked article are not meant to trigger. But they are meant to be clear, to be honest, and to possibly better expose. What has been hiding. Within.

Cosmic hugs,

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