Jill’s full written messages are often shared globally, recognized as very powerful, relevant information for those seeking self-enlightenment and more joy and purpose in their lives. Many full written messages have been published in journals such as the Sedona Journal of Emergence and many online publications.

Warning: TJ Maxx Credit Card Weak Security Measures

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I love TJ Maxx and I love the rewards dollars but with their current lack of modern day security measures, I don't want their bank card with them.

Being Your Light!

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In Being Your Light, the author spontaneously channels the guidance of some of the most impactful spiritual figures in planetary history. Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, and other great teachers come through in these pages with candor, humor, and penetrating clarity. Readers will feel the living presence of these revered human exemplars, as they communicate in their own words the collective message that we can all realize the power of our Light, the strength of our love, and the gifts of our compassion by understanding that we are, like them, both human and divine.

Hello to those New here, some possibly surprising bits about me

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A bit about me is below in my profile. But what may also be helpful are some possibly surprising bits about me (some can be very divisive issues, depending on the person, so I like to be up front)

The Power of Asking Why, Especially Now

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If you easily get offended or defensive, explore why, within yourself. Not as something to fix, perhaps, but rather as a revelation of something you truly love.

Happy Easter! Eternal life, eternal love. For You. For Me. For All. That is the Gift

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Happy Easter! Eternal life, eternal love. For You. For Me. For All. That is the Gift!

Bringers of Light Compressed by Politics

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Equinox is this week. I sense this post is about resetting our energy, taking care of any fragments, in prep for this special Equinox.

Client Question: Do you offer single question readings?

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Clients occasionally ask if I offer single question readings. I actually don’t have a set up for single question readings and I want to share why.

I orient my work more […]

Emotional Maturity and What To Do When Our Feelings Get Hurt

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Being honest takes courage. And yet many in a group like this can be asked to feel accountable for how others receive our honest answers. In my opinion that’s not only unfair it also suppresses the soulfully strong light that is available... to all. Here. Now.

Beyond Mindfulness

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Join me on Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos Jan. 16 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern for an important energy update and the release of a new series Living Ascended!

Financial Clarity in Spirit-Based Businesses

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I’m slightly uncomfortable putting this here but... here goes. I notice one key area of, I would say, successful suppression of Light on this planet is: so many lightworkers and wayshowers feeling like to

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Platinum Age Retreat
Nov. 1 – 4, 2017
Zion National Park, Utah USA

A time to celebrate our expansion so far, and now take it further! […]

Message for the Tribe on Purpose, Pain and God’s love

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To any question of “what should you do,” there is never one right answer. There also isn’t an answer for you to “find” so much as there are possible solutions for you to create.

Jill in Scottsdale

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Humanity is far more sophisticated and advanced than we are presently told...

Jill in Scottsdale Social Media square-4

Protected: Sacred Mary Magdalene Adventure

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