Interviews, Guest Spots and Presentations

Guest spots and presentations are an additional opportunity for growth and expansion.

Interviews often address topics that Jill has not addressed in other forums/messages, offering her an opportunity to explore and share in new areas.

Interested in inviting Jill as a guest or speaker, panelist, presenter? Request form is here

Shared Sessions: Jill & Paul July 2018

Paul and I had a "private session" yesterday, on the day of the eclipse that we both agreed was valuable to share publicly, in its entirety, as soon as possible

Jill’s approach to interviews and presentations is to not over prepare, allowing her to rely on her own transcendental layers and fresh ideas to flow freely. So many speakers are repeating the same stories over and over again which can feel stale and lifeless. Other presenters and guests are so nervous or closed minded that they are only focused on what they want to say next… not listening, not engaging with the host or other panelists. This can leave the audience feeling uninspired or even bored. They can feel it. When Jill shares she is in the moment, with the audience, with the host or other panelists, allowing it all to further inspire what she shares, with divine intent, high relevance and enjoyable spontaneity.

Audiences can feel the difference, and love it. Even if they don’t agree with Jill’s points or perspectives, she creates a space for honorable, authentic discord. The way conversation can be, when we allow for the deeper layers of self to be involved.

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