Divergence, Expansion and Ways through the Chaos

I joined John Burgos again on his online summit Beyond the Ordinary where thought leaders, metaphysical practitioners, healers and cosmic philosophers share their latest teachings, wisdom, insights and reassurance. Given the state of world affairs, the timing for our conversation felt divinely timed.

Energy Update and Forecast for Bringer’s of Light

Topics include:

What is going on, planetarily

Recommendations for Those who Bring the Light to Earth

Strategies for Feeling Sustained and Present, Unshakably in the Light we Are

How Yoga studios and Spiritual Abilities Training are Similar, but shouldn’t be

New Approaches Contrasted with More Conventional Approaches

Why the New Approaches Work So Much Better A Special Re-Set of Infinite Light Activation is also included.

The Special offer invite is at https://jillreneefeeler.com/infinite-light-activation-platinum/

With love and cosmic hugs,


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