Practitioner’s Group Coaching Session #4

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So many of our community are fellow practitioners, either officially assisting and supporting others, or unofficially. Supporting you in supporting others here on Earth is something we do consistently in private sessions. And yet, group assistance and coaching can be incredibly supportive and even inspiring.

Replay is available now. 

I am delighted at the level of support and amazing clarity that comes through in these sessions! We know all of us as masters, all of us as gifted, in limitless ways ~ we just don’t just talk about it; we actually interact this way and it feels so liberating.

Topics within this experience:

Beginning of experience: Connection exercise

18:44: Tarver’s website comment question: “I would love to hear your perspective on the newness we are feeling at a core level, are we just riding within “the simulation” or are we actually building a NEW LAYER of the simulation to explore and expand within? Is this part of our offering as a light bringer to create a bridge through multiple layers of creation? Thanks Jill you are a rock star! xo, Tarver”

36:00 Jessica’s question: “I have found that I work with crystals/stones/crystal skulls in a very unique and uncommon way to what is currently offered in this reality.
I love that about my/our connection and I keep discovering more ways to keep it fresh and highly enjoyable…
I would also like to expand those gifts/abilities and offer it in a business type model that supports Light. Mine and Others…. That is very important that I am clear that it is a balanced system that truly supports the creator energies of all involved.
Yet I have not found the clientele to support this new avenue and it is beyond annoying that what I keep experimenting with has not taken off in the way I feel it could…
Any insights from my creator origin layers on how to tweak this?
be it subtle or radical(which can also be done with subtle adjustments :)
I want to feel more independent in how I support my and others Light of Source and I feel what I have to offer is relevant and meaningful..
Thank You!!”

52:36 Caution about saying yes to others who say they can help your business grow faster

57:25 Asya’s question “hello all 💕🙋🏻‍♀️ my question this morning ~ I have been trying to “share myself” (my gifts) for 4 years now and meet such tension in doing that. the latest unfolding, i am sitting with there was a woman in my ancestors that played victim and gave up and now I sense that’s something I’m working through so I can finally start my YouTube channel and serve in the name of beauty. I’ve traveled to 60 countries and have so many stories of human experience to share. anyway, I’m new here and not sure if this is the kinda question you seek, but wanting some support here if any of you feel some intuition around this. thank you thank you 🙏🏼”

1:03:18 Heather’s question – considering leaving a community of healers in which she trains other healers ~ message to anyone who has a healing certification or training: you are a healer because of what you are, not because of your training.

1:15:15 Rajan’s question about not trusting other’s at work. Message: if your temptation is to distrust others in totality you are missing out the nuances of each human, same for anyone who is overly trusting of others in totality. We all have shades of gray.

1:21:46 Shawn’s question in live chat box “I have to leave @1:30 so I’ll check back for answer in replay. I am a therapist and somatic and bodywork practitioner and would love to hear what “new Techniques and Tools” that I heard you mention, that is available to us now and even more beneficial and healing then perhaps others we have been utilizing. I’m always feeling pulled to new therapeutic healing trainings in order to help my clients, especially trauma resolution, and now I am feeling a pause and have come to wonder what is next for me in the healing area. Thank you Jill and I look forward to being part of this community!”

1:30:30 Jessica’s mentions she can do readings “I can do readings…. It’s always a bit of a surprise when I do so as so much more is offered that I hadn’t realized I was even offering at the time. I like to pack in alchemy,healing,clearing and code upgrades galore!!”

1:32:52 Asya’s follow up question. Message: parts of self may always come up with excuses for not doing/sharing/being what you really want to do/share/be. Our job may be to ignore those inner doubts… because those doubting layers, will ~ never ~ feel ready! It’s a trick, a self-deception. That can be overcome, by other layers within self that determine to do/share/be it anyway.

1:44:47 Setting up a Membership for your clients/audience – highly encouraged even if you are just getting started.

1:50:13 Those sneaky 3% credit card processing fees, which add up quick as your business grows. ACH transactions are lower in fees but a lot of offering plug ins and options don’t support ACH. I’m still investigating this one.

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