JRF #235 Is Humanity… Regressing?

Amidst the global pandemic, we have seen the best of ourselves and sometimes the worst of ourselves. In this podcast we offer support and insights for more of those instances of being your best, even if it just for yourself and your own ability to like, who and what you are. 

It is easy to like one’s self when everything is going as planned, or well. This coronavirus has been triggering, on many levels.  For anyone who likes to know what is going on, that is not possible. Even the experts, trained in epidemiology, do not know what is going on or exactly how this virus spreads, should be treated, long term effects or evolves.  For those who prefer to feel in control of their lives, this is a heightened state of knowing just how uncontrollable one’s life can be.  But, we can always control who and what we are…  That is a great focus of attention. 

Be there, in your one, for your loved ones, for your colleagues, for your customers/patients/clients ~ be there for your self.  Trying as best we can to make a horrible situation livable.

Much is included in this podcast.  I hope you enjoy it. 

It is offered with only positive intentions, for all of humanity,


Audio is here