The Value of Boundaries for Enlightened Beings

As a young person I craved the positive attention of my older sisters. I thought I needed them, their approval. I had a tougher side deep within that was ok with conflict, cool with being my self. I had to fight for her. Now I don’t know another way to be. And it’s good.

I do hold space for love, unconditionally, for all others. And this is Earth. Which can often feel like toddlers running with scissors.

I have boundaries. Lines in the sand. That I put there and that I enforce. Making space for me… to be me.

What I now know is that we don’t find ourselves. We make ourselves.

We create ourselves, starting with natural wiring, pursued interests, free will, choices (good and bad), luck, risks, curiosity in what more/else we can be, endless experimentation, self-awareness, effort, love and courage.

When we love ourselves we develop an empowered indifference about everyone liking you.

You don’t find this. You make it. By making yourself, everyday into the person that You want to Be. You self-critique, with self-love. You apologize (mindfully) to yourself and others, as needed. You love yourself so much that you enforce boundaries, every day.


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