Shared Sessions: Jill and Eugenie

Hello everyOne! I mentioned in the Dec. Solstice message that I would encourage anyone who is interested to share the recording from their private session with me, in whole or in part. There are so many things that can come through in a private session that sooooo many others can relate to. Also, sometimes the client’s questions are of a variety that the answers are relevant, even globally. Eugenie and I had her 30 minute session, her first with me, in March 2018 and there are many facets of her reading that she and I felt could benefit many. Her team (which is her, at her Soulfulness/eternal level) had a very big picture view that they took in her reading, which is not the norm. Her session is here, shared in full, with her permission. Eugenie’s private session on March 14 ended up inspiring me to talk more in a podcast about Atlantis as well and I’m grateful for this. In her session I saw first hand that there were bits we’d shared before through my team that had not been fully shared or could be shared again as it’s such an important topic for this group of Bringers of Light. And the misunderstandings are rampant – no surprise since this is Earth :-) So thankful to Eugenie for sharing her session in its entirety. One thing in particular that may stand out for others is that she has a daughter born in 2011 and had heard the ideas that that generation entered this reality without any kharma to clear, with purer access to their light and that this would make the world a better place… We had another version of the facts there. And it can be hard to hear; it was hard for me to hear it with my two daughters, born in 2002 and 2005. But, the truth actually made my light stronger and has helped me to raise my daughters with the facts of the matter about this reality. I do see problems with adult and child crystals who were told this world is about to get amazing if we just wait long enough… there is another way to be our light, while allowing the rest of the world to be exactly what it is. If that part resonates with you, you may enjoy the Celebrating the Empaths Series and I do recommend, highly, the Soul Signature Series where we go d e e p deep into the core aspects of living our soul signatures, now, not waiting and some very surprising and wildly upgrading outcomes have been experienced, over and over again by participants. It’s very exciting to be alongside all of you with what we are doing, which includes setting pure light free, amidst what is. Boldly. Wisely. Lovingly. Because enlightenment (being our light within) doesn’t have to include caves, years of study, complicated daily rituals, special birth lineage nor any other dedicated experience. Light is what we are eternally. And here. It’s just then we are here we are also in the unconsciousness layers, but they run side by side our light and don’t need to feel so in the way. We can make them go together. Jesus, Mary, Mary were wonderful examples of this truth. Re-member? XOxo, Jill A bit about my sessions as I’m told they are unique from other readings: In sessions, I share for the first ~1/3 of the session time, allowing your team to tell you what they want you to know. I know nothing in advance. Notice I don’t start with the client’s questions (instead we end with them) and I don’t know and don’t want to know in advance any questions the client has. I also want to point out that my process does not include numerology, astrology, photos, tarot, pendulums, muscle testing, the Akashic records, dousing or other such modalities and connection divinity tools (all of which can be helpful and relevant in this reality). My connection is in my beingness with the all that is and I view it like a God card, instead of a library card. I have it and I use it to assist upgrading the human experience by adding wisdom, truth, clarity, love, compassion, free will and personal sovereignty in this world. Because in my view, without our God energy in play, our lives and the human race are automatically limited/suppressed ~ by us and our own distortions and compromised consciousness.  Sessions can be booked here.  No sessions are shared by me without the client’s written permission. Client’s can share whatever they’d like from their own sessions without my permission, as the session is theirs.