The JRF Member Content Library is now on Roku

Please join me ~ Streaming Light Globally ~ on Roku!

So excited to announce that you can now experience our library of expansive, consciousness raising, heart connecting JRF members content from our new Roku channel!

Conveniently available from any Roku device ~ search for the Jill Renee Feeler channel and sign up and start streaming. Offered at just $9.99 USD per month.

Present JRF Members through my website pay $14 USD per month, with access to live events, the 24/7 online community server and the library of content. Signing up through Roku is perfect for those that primarily enjoy the replay content and want to save some money for that library experience.

If you are a current member through the website and want to transition to the Roku experience, I recommend proceeding with your Roku purchase then letting me know when you are ready for me to credit any unused days/months on your membership.

I started using Roku in March 2020 and love it. My family “cut the cord” on our conventional digital cable service and have saved about $100 USD per month by using Roku. I also love the little remote (and included ear buds that connect to it). Watching my favorite programs and series from my home tv, mobile and iPad. My team and I will meet you there, wherever you are!


Convenient links:

Jill’s Roku channel
Jill’s JRF Membership on website
Roku getting started video and support

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