Support for Those Willing to Represent New and Controversial Ideas

For anyone sharing unwelcomed, unpopular and/or controversial things with others, I’m sending you a huge hug. That is a tough ride, that takes courage, strength and some thick skin. I can do it for awhile and keep it together and then the more heat I take the more I sit back and just contemplate, is it worth it… is anyone listening, does anyone care, is it even making a difference.

Folks that share unpopular or completely new ideas and perspectives, offer themselves and information and services with such care, deep passion and tremendous love, and at levels of personal, emotional risk. It takes bravery to share and offer things you know people don’t know, yet, things you know others may disagree with or things that counter a very well honed narrative with tremendous public support for its placement. That doesn’t mean the counter points and new ideas shouldn’t be shared. But, the price, for you, emotionally, your quality of life, your sense of energetic wholeness, may be too high. That’s for you to decide, yes?

When an idea doesn’t yet have a placement in the material world or even the thought world, that is a lot of energy to carry, hold and keep in place. For others to consider.

Often with not only little appreciation, but sometimes hurtful disregard and harsh commentary. When you were simply trying to offer something for another to consider, offering your truth, your idea of progress, your wisdom, or even just your questioning.

It can be tiring, disheartening and regularly unappreciated. I appreciate you. Even if I don’t agree with you, I deeply respect your willingness to say and to offer as you are led. I hope you know that others, a silent but supportive group may agree but are afraid to say it, even afraid to hit like on it… Because they don’t want to take the heat you may be taking.

Being passionate isn’t always about being right. Being passionate is always about caring deeply and I want to acknowledge you for that, and give you the credit you deserve.

Anyway, I see you – thank you!


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