Coming out of Hibernation, I mean Quarantine

We seem to be at a new phase of this pandemic experience. It feels to me a bit like a grumpy, hungry bear coming out of its den for spring. Groggy, a bit out of sorts, trying to remember how it is to function and be and figure things out again.

This groggy phase could take awhile.

I want to be here alongside you, watching out for each other as we ask questions, share what we are seeing, investigate where the new food sources are, play in the sun when we feel up to it, feed the cubs when they are hungry and keep our senses keen when there are threats to our safety. If you point out a threat that, to me, isn’t a threat, I promise not to growl at you or punish you for getting it wrong. We are still figuring everything out again, this new spring and each of us different from how we went into the den before the hibernation. I’m hungry and figuring out this new spring, too, and I apologize for any crabbiness or impatience on my part. This spring feels totally different, and part of me wants to run back to the den and try to go back to sleep.

But somehow, I know that isn’t possible. So here we are. I’m looking over at you, groggy, with love in my heart and my senses adjusting, to the new reality.


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