New Layers for New (and Strange) Times

There will come a moment, if there hasn’t yet, where you create new layers of self that you prefer

that allow you to be you

amidst whatever this reality is now morphing into

to be you.
the you that you like.
not waiting to have everything figured out
not waiting to have everything fixed
not waiting for everyone to be free
not waiting for everyone to be safe

because it likely isn’t possible to figure it out, especially given how illogical it more than likely is.
because it isn’t likely to get fixed; when wasn’t it
because it likely isn’t ever going to feel free enough for some and it likely isn’t ever going to feel safe enough for others.
this is
this simulation

it may feel sticky and goo-y to break free from the thought forms binding you up, taking you out of self, and out, into the spin. it may feel as if you are stuck to the collective experience and not allowed to have your self, not permitted to be ok, or even great, amidst the manufactured and carefully maintained chaos.

attempts to fix the outer world so that you can then have peace in your inner self and inner world can (should?) be reconsidered.

since when did inner peace and a sense of wholeness come about… from outer circumstances,

break free, like a snap,
or like a horse busting through a raggedy barn door
with strength and courage, to


this world (not meaning Gaia, rather this terrarium of life forms) does not define you
this world is not a reflection of you
this world can be too distorted and unreliable
and need not be the precursor to your authenticity,
your greatness,
your inner beauty,
your transcendental layers,
your joy
and now.

claim yourself
and make yourself, again, or firstly, into the version that you like best, for this new
and ongoing.

you’ve got this, I see it, you’ve got this.
Let’s get through this, individually and then together
with whoever has the tenacity to do the same
starting with themselves
of course


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