The Real Truth of God’s Love

Kingdom of Heaven is within Jill Renee Feeler Platinum Age Creations LLC

Did you know that we don’t need 15 or even 5 years in a cave to become “enlightened”?  I have a secret; we simply need the opportunity to re-member, restoring our inherent divine nature. After all, if our Souls are eternal, they these soulful layers also here, at some level, as part of you? If this soul essence is truly You, then wouldn’t we always have access to at least some of this inherent divinity? The answers to these questions are yes. But, in this often confusing reality, divinity and God itself are routinely misunderstood, and made into a job, a search, a quest. The search is over. Your sacred nature is one with you and I’ve been living a revolutionary, ultimate hacker, way to connect with that inherent sacredness within you, right here, right now, with exactly what you are at this moment. Eternal Sacredness, here. Accessed.

The accessing it, helping your human consciousness connect with it is the first step. This is what we offer and I want to tell you more here.

I want you to know God. The Real God, the unconditionally loving, caring, supportive, always present Presence many have known was true. Still, many and even most humans often feel wanting and even disappointed with the modern day interpretations of God and connection to God. Me, too.

I was a devout evangelical Christian from the ages of 23 to 33. But what I experienced as a Christian interacting and communing among fellow devoted Christians was a sense of guilt, shame and inability or unwillingness to accept the forgiveness Christians preach that Jesus offered through His sacrifice. Christians wear the cross, as Jesus did. But wasn’t that why Jesus died, so that we could graciously and gratefully accept the divine love and forgiveness He offered? It didn’t make sense. Something was off. Something critically important was missing in this version of Christianity. There was a heaviness. A burden. But that wasn’t what Jesus taught. And it wasn’t what I knew to be true. Due to this misapplication of God’s truth, I made the decision to step away from modern day interpretations of God and Jesus. And yet I didn’t, in any way, step away from God nor Jesus, nor the Holy Spirit. I accepted a version of them that was closer to what Jesus taught in the New Testament.

Luke 17:20-21 King James Version (KJV)
20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

I know it is bold to say this, but in my personal experience as a modern day Christian and as a rational, intelligent human being, Christianity is not abiding by this biblical truth.

Jesus told us the kingdom of heaven is within you, and me, and everyone. But we have created systems of chasing God, feeling punished by God, feeling separate from God and feeling abandoned by God. I knew there was another way to know and feel and accept this truth that the kingdom of heaven is within each of us, everyone. And I was right.

The truth I was looking for wasn’t in Christianity. It also wasn’t in modern day Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, and New Age teachings. I experienced inherent flaws in these approaches as well. The truth also wasn’t in Eastern traditions. Although I didn’t humanly study any of these other approaches to enlightenment and/or other world religions, I routinely experience the effects of these various teachings through interacting with its followers. I consistently witness lack of acceptance of the grace and love of God that is within us. What I now realize is that humans are quite masterful at creating and perpetuating complex and unnecessary layers between ourselves and God’s love, grace, blessings and acceptance. I accept that this is a widely available and apparently widely chosen option humans make across the planet. But, I wonder how many of my fellow humans make these choices for separation from God because they don’t realize the lack of truth in it. I wonder how many, if given the truth of God’s love would see things more clearly, live their lives more boldly, accepting and being more of God’s love, in their every day lives, with every breath, with every thought. Not as a job, nor as a sacrifice, or even as a martyr, but rather out of delight, joy and acceptance of the love of God we can be, when we simply accept the love available to us; available to us right now, while we are humans, here on Earth, experiencing challenge and struggle. Isn’t this when we need God most?

Somehow, I now know and live these truths.

I appreciate that this makes people uncomfortable. If I were from India, a child of a preacher, born into a native tribal ancestry or dedicated years of study with some sort of shaman or verified enlightenment guru, I would probably be more readily accepted. But I’m not any of that, which makes my experience and my story more confusing and yet the perfect testament to the truth of God’s love. I’m a Caucasian women from the Pacific Northwest in the USA. I’ve never been in an Ashram. I’ve never been to India. I’ve never studied Transcendental Meditation. I’m not an Earthly Shaman. I don’t view Earth as my Mother. I don’t even practice yoga. I don’t fit the mold of someone who should know what I know, who should be experiencing what I experience.

My Christian brethren would find me threatening to Jesus’ teachings. I’ve had devout Christians actually conclude I must be on the side of Satan for the truths I share and live. I admit, this hurts. Yet, I understand it. Present day Christian teachings do not allow for modern day revelations, prophecy, inner connection to the Holy Spirit. Christians are trained to be suspicious and even afraid of demonstrated supernatural ability. Sadly, this perpetuates their separation from God during their human journey. It also belittles, demeans and even demonizes those that are demonstrating divine demonstration of God’s love, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I know that Jesus isn’t threatened by me and what I do. Jesus and I know each other as siblings in God. He invited us all into this when He walked the Earth, as the living example of God’s love. He sealed it with His death on the cross. He asked us to walk beside Him, getting up off our knees, to accept God’s love and to be God’s love. I heard Him. And this is what I am doing.

I know the truth. And I share truth, in the form of knowledge, teachings, insights, practical applications for being and living God’s love. I accept that I will and am judged for this. And I still choose to live as this supernatural demonstration of God’s love. Because I can. And because I will no longer live a lie, of suffering and purgatory… because Jesus’ life and death and resurrection means more to me than that. I honor Him more than that. I love Jesus. I love God. I love love. I love life. I love humanity.

I know from my own experiences that we are capable of so much more than we are shown and told. Humanity is amazing. It is a blessing. Not a sentence. With these truths, we allow ourselves to be the Glory of God that each of us Are, that all life Is. Without Shame but with personal humility to God. Without guilt, but with mature individual responsibility to be the love of God each of us uniquely is.

Are you ready to be the truth of God’s love, in Your human form? Please know it may mean questioning and even disagreeing with much of what you hold as truth right now. Please know you will be viewed by many, and even your present self, as a radical, a revolutionary, a pioneer. Sounds like someone you know, yes? Indeed. Thank you, Jesus, for truly showing us the way.

I have many links below for the natural questions that may arise next.

In God’s love,

Jill Renee Feeler

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Key Questions:

  1. Why do we Forget these truths?  The Big Truths Event is for you!
  2. Am I really connected to God? A private session is the best way to directly and personally claim this truth. Without a private session, there is a lot of unnecessary and often endless searching outside of oneself for proof, all of it conditional.
  3. Are you saying other teachings of God and even other world religions are wrong? The Big Truths Event addresses this well and if you still have questions, we have time for Your questions in Private Sessions! Please note that I don’t create a lot of time for answering questions via email and social media because it would leave little time for me living my own life as Jill (and I’m not interested in falling into the trap of martyrdom and service as slavery).
  4. Why are we here if we are truly always connected to God? The Big Truths Event and The Soul Signature Series are very rich materials to address this key question.  Please note that the Soul Signature Series is made available to everyone and yet it is quite advanced materials.
  5. Is Satan real? Ahhh,  very important and fundamental question. The Outwitting Satan series does not mess around in addressing Satan and unconsciousness directly and boldly in a way I wish ALL humans knew and understood.  Please note that the Outwitting Wetiko Material is intense in its honesty and may not be a good match for anyone that considers themselves fragile or unstable in their connection to God.
  6. Why do bad things happen to good people? The Outwitting Satan series is fabulous at fully explaining this. Bad things happened to Jesus – he was murdered and it doesn’t serve us to lie about bad things happening to good people (or the new age lie that there are no bad things!)
  7. I get it! Now how do I get started living in Truth?

First, lets get you personally connected to God through your inherent connection as an eternal Soul which is offered in Private Sessions. Each session is recorded for your convenience, offering a highly activating and amazing inspiring experience in receiving God’s love and helping you know yourself as glorious, divine and unconditionally loved.

Second, the Soul Signature Series is a carefully laid out series of helping you know the Truths necessary to be God’s love, as only You can.

Third, knowing there are many layers of undoing that each of us undergo in fully receiving and then being God’s love, we offer many classes, free podcasts, travel experiences and the occasional or even routine private sessions.

This world has become masterful at separating from God’s inherent love. I encourage you to be discerning, vigilant and dedicated to any undoing necessary in your life, in your identity to live the truth of God’s love. I offer as I am led, creating new messages and materials all the time, to inspire, support, celebrate and cheer on the light of God that You uniquely are in this world. Because I know others don’t see it and I know it may be challenging for you to see it. And yet this truth, this love of God within You is exactly the step forward humanity is waiting for to create a meaningful life. A life worth living. Beyond the lies. Into the truth, of your Love.

I can’t wait to meet You, partner alongside you and create God’s real love here, now. Links are above and the support is ready for You, now!

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