The Platinum Age Access Pack

A starter pack of platinum age resources and re-sets beneficial to anyone dedicated to their spiritual awakening, personal development, understanding the true nature and purpose of this reality and life itself.

I know many of you here have many spiritual tools and abilities, some of which you claim as a birth right and others you claim via Earthly training and certificates. I’ve noticed in my 10+ years in this industry that those who offer certifications and “how to” approaches are super popular. I can see why! It is easier to say yes to a course, mentorship or training in which you will walk away with a new skill or ability.
But when is enough? How will you know when?
How many “learn to channel” courses or “detox” or “clearing” or “how to talk with your guides” is sufficient, for you to feel you have sufficiently learned the skill promised or achieved the outcome expected?
What if all of those abilities, skills, certificates and training are awesome, but they are based on foundational structures that are… off? Because the world hasn’t woken up yet. And it may not for another 2,400 years, or maybe… never. Then all of this prep to help the world awaken, or help clear the karma, or assist Earth in ascending would be for a very different purpose, that isn’t clear. Because the crowds of every day people lining up to get help from healers, psychics, intuitives, channelers, readers may not get much larger than it is right now. Then what? Were all the time and energy put into those skills and certificates based on the world needing more of us? What if it doesn’t? What if our favorite people don’t “wake up” in this lifetime? What if they never see you, me and the others, no matter how hard we try?
What if it was never any one’s job to see you? What if it was only your job to see you?
What if the most expansive concepts available don’t come with a certificate, instead helping you re-set your entire sense of who and what you are, who and what this reality is and what the overall structure is of this reality?
It doesn’t come with certificates,
but that is what we do.
That is what I was led to do, from the very beginning.
You won’t find a mentorship on my site. Because we already know you as fully soulful, with no new levels needed. But, if you aren’t feeling that way, what we offer, helps you start to, with amazing, often immediate results.
You won’t find a “learn to channel” course on my site. Because you and your other expanded layers don’t need you to be able to channel. Because you already are the light of God, uniquely, as no one else could be, from the moment you arrived and all the points in between. Learning to channel can be great, but if it doesn’t connect you to that inner source range you already are, I’ll bet you’ll soon be looking for another ability to learn, perhaps not recognizing what you really wanted was
something different,
something within,
something timeless ~ you.
I know your money and your time are something you monitor and use wisely.
If you feel any further development, or previous trainings, could even better be used when you are more fully feeling your inner light, and with a clearer, more rationale, less fantasy-based view of “here,” then, you may really like what you find at our site. It will feel different, I want to warn you.
You won’t find promises of Earth’s awakening.
You won’t feel compelled to learn a new skill, prompted by feelings of lack, void, needing to reach another “level.”
Because, that isn’t how we see you
nor this reality,
at all.
For those interested, I’ve created a special pack of resources, with savings of $200 USD. Link to package in comment. This isn’t through a telesummit (you will not be bombarded with emails).
With love and cosmic hugs,
Making sense of life, living and this realm. Beyond religion, science, even spirituality. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it.


Pack Includes:

Private Session with Jill

$115 USD value for 30 minute private session

What is your team/expanded self anxious to tell you?

Mary Magdalene Online Pilgrimage Recordings

$120 USD value ~ 11 hours of recordings in video and in audio formats

A heart chakra expansion and mind/body/spirit attunement to the purest frequencies of love, light and wellness

A New Framework for Transcendence

$127 USD value ~7 hours of recordings in video and in audio formats

Mind-blowing, Soul connecting update to everything you thought you knew about this reality, what it is, why we are here and what to expect going forward

Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates

$127 USD value ~ 5 hours of recordings in video and in audio formats

An incredibly succinct set of messages to assist you in personally connecting, to and as your most expanded range of self, soul, Source/God

All of the Above + the added bonus of 3 months of our JRF premium Subscription ($42 USD value), supporting your most expanded (not higher, wider) frequencies

This package is available for a limited time. All materials are available immediately upon purchase. Private sessions with me are currently scheduling for late February, and yet timing of client sessions regularly ends up being right on time. Experience each item in whatever sequence you desire, follow your own lead.

Everything is ready for you and I’ve opened more times on my calendar for you to meet for your private session as soon as possible. You don’t need to purchase this package for a session, as those are always available.

We expect that all the skills and abilities you’ve learned within your dedicated spiritual awakening and development will become even more useful with this completely new framework of perpetual ascension and infinite light technology that is, of course, within.

$530 USD value, available in this limited time offer with savings of $200 USD

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