Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates

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We’ve been able to observe throughout the dramatics of the pandemic what has seemed missing and what could support your reality and this very special group of bringers of light.

Bringers of Light are those who intentionally incarnated with the intention of representing Christ Consciousness while in human form. This description probably feels very personal to you, for good reason.

The Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates initiated from galactic council meetings, and is divinely created for you, your life, your source energy to flow more freely amidst the present energy patterns and conflict-ridden dynamics now so commonly experienced within the Earth plan.

This series is designed to be an absolutely life changing experience for those who:

  1. feel like they are missing something critically important, and/or
  2. have had the hardest year(s) of their lives, in 2020 or in general since 2012, and/or
  3. are led to assist others in this world and want to be best equipped to do so, and/or
  4. resonate, on a soul level, with creating and supporting the Christ Consciousness in all realities.

It’s been an exceptional year. Some of you weren’t sure you would make it this far, but you did. We are so proud of you and we know it felt very difficult for many of you. As we observed some very masterful seekers seeming to struggle, we recognized that additional resources would assist.

The Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates are created to be this support, intended for you to personally, uniquely and individually connect to Source, as Source, in a manner that:

  • is from within your energy field
  • aligns you into the most expansive Source frequencies; that which is beyond spacetime, that which creates realities, creates selves, creates space, creates time.
  • assists you in knowing yourself as Source, not just at death, but in life, your life.

Please join us in these leading edge materials, to set your light free, now, and help you feel more capable and confident as the Source energy that you are.

You will feel this series as unique from the very start. My team and I are uniquely equipped at recognizing you as the perpetually whole and complete energy field you are (not that you are trying to be, or working on through a series of lifetimes, or studying, or seeking… Are).

We are not talking down to you as students, or as incomplete souls.

We interact with you as the fellow masters that you are, further beckoning your soulful mastery from within, to the surface of your human consciousness. This will allow you to recognize it more fully for yourself, and to further live these expanded layers alongside all the other ways that you are you.

We are ready when you are. The recordings are available immediately upon purchase. This is an exclusive offer never previously shared, and only available through Beyond the Ordinary.

Package A

Each item is provided in both video and in audio formats.

Item 1
Re-activating the Soul Signature structure (activation plus message) for increased personal access to Source/God and all the benefits therein.

Item 2
Expanded frequency range for better managing the wide swings of energy now taking place on the planet, and expected to continue

Includes a fascinating Lemuria conversation here, completely new perspectives… that were new to me as well

Item 3
Upgraded sense of inner sanctuary and personal well being for a true shelter from the storm, within one’s self

Item 4
A clearer picture of the energy ranges now in place on Earth for a sense of increased preparedness, of any scenario that may arise,

Item 5
A more accurate sense of self for improved stability in role, purpose and sense of inherent value as your individual human. Your role in inserting the most expanded frequencies into your world.

Item 6
Wisdom about the distracting forces that are designed to cause confusion and disconnection from one’s own energy field so that you can have improved discernment for you and for those that you support.

Item 7
Sealing in the Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates (activation)

Item 8
Template Care, Support and Setting Expectations

I’m excited for you to experience these template upgrades, knowing that in a group like this, we are each very much ambassadors of the Christ Consciousness, alongside Jesus, Mary Magdalane, the Buddha and many notable figures in history who operated as an upgraded form of human. Your mastery is Within. Let’s help you feel smoother access to it, even when the world feels like it has lost its mind.

The light isn’t what we connect to; the Light is what we Are, remember?

The recordings are available, immediately upon purchase (but please take your time experiencing the series, and repeat any of the recordings as desired, ideally more than once).

For those new to my work, please know these may be very new, and possibly even contradictory ideas compared to your present truths.

This can be viewed as a positive thing… especially if you haven’t felt your light and/or your spiritual connection as well as you desired in 2020, when you needed it most.

With the widely used Christ Consciousness templates, we noticed that many felt a void, a space between them and their light, them and Source. It wasn’t a personal, internal, stable connection…

These materials, even where potentially contradictory to your present beliefs, allow you to consider and create an upgraded, leading edge, proven successful, view of Source, of yourself, of this reality and light within it.

We are offering these leading resources because they are the energetic structures and ideology needed for a personal connection to Source, that is sustainable, that are not dependent on anyone else’s awakening, and that allows for a reliable structure of divine light and love
within one’s life, and also at death/transition.

Those of us using these templates, including myself, have been seamlessly living as our Source frequencies throughout this wild year…
ready and able to also be support for others, as well as for ourselves, wherever needed.

Balanced, sustainable Light. Now. Always. The confident connection we desire, and deserve. This is what the Christ Consciousness Upgrade Templates provide you.

Some Reviews to Assist in Your Decision:

“Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for everything!! Always insightful, helpful and literally life changing!!” – Serina, USA

“It was a rare and joyful experience for me. She is a beautiful source of guidance and I’ve never felt so loved and acknowledged as a source of love unto myself which of course will radiate for all. She connects and gets straight to the information coming through for me….The guides even acknowledged how I liked that :-) Every word was exactly what I had either been thinking about or was going to keep scrambling for insight. I’ve never felt so loved by spirit and as you can tell it was so very wonderful. I feel validated in so many ways as a loving soul during these uncertain times.” – D. Fox, USA

“I can’t effuse enough about the hour long session I had with Jill and our teams. I feel that she saw straight to my purest essence and expression here as a Emily. I was touched deeply by the loving wisdom that came through and felt so accepted and encouraged throughout. I was amazed at how perceptive Jill was from the outset and had me down in the first 5 minutes! Jill was easily able to dig deep and receive exceptional clarity from Metatron, Jesus and Goddess Isis in a way that was powerful yet still felt light hearted. What I took away with me was a deep sense that it’s totally ok for me to be who I am as I am and there is nothing I am missing or need to do. In fact I can take joy in my uniqueness knowing that I am fully supported, celebrated and loved all the way by my team.” – Emily, UK

“Jill’s has such powerful skills of understanding exactly what is needed for this moment in your life. I experienced a major shift in my energy that gave me back my freedom. I am very grateful for that. Also the knowledge that she shared regarding my souls purpose was mindblowing. I appreciate and understand much more who I Am and what my gifts are. I would highly recommand a session with Jill, she is such a clear intuïtive and warm hearted soul sister. Grateful for this life changing experience.” – Jas D, Netherlands

“Jill is the real deal. I love how she’s grounded in this reality with grace and love as she provides you with intuitive guidance directly from your team of ascended beings. Theres no BS…simply free flowing encouragement, trust and appreciation for you and the process.” – Mary M., USA

“The Package I bought from Jill through John BTO has been a very profound, realistic, grounded program. It has and is still feeding me on many levels in this time on earth, to step up even more consciously in the Source Energy we are and the mechanics and wisdom that comes from there. As I already mentioned it shares a very grounded and practical way to position and experience yourself as the One, amongst many structures that still play the collective One. No judgment there, only a fresh, strong new framework that feels so right, and honors what we really are and capable of. I feel so much room for the new framework to activate in daily life, no matter other frameworks at work around me. The session that was part of the program, was a wonderful and deep experience. In a beautiful way, Jill gave an ‘outline’ of my inner wirings and the way I operate with my team. Besides that, I was so excited that she created with me a space in which I felt so supported, acknowledged, and mirrored in the light I Am. That resulted in experiencing that it was so much easier to be in tune with my wisdom and that feels like flying and swimming graciously at the same time. After the session, I felt that something was completed. And I really had to make space to feel all those ripples of excitement in my field that needed to be felt and enjoyed. Last but not least: Jill you were so You Cool & Natural the way you showed up with your cap. It felt amazing and natural at the same time. Thank you and big hugs.” – Margo, Netherlands
“This work is a beacon of light in an overwrought world. Jill gives alternate explanations for so many things that just haven’t felt right. After finishing the course I am so strongly centered in my life, and no longer feel that I am not enough, or not doing enough. My days are much more joy filled.” – Kim C. USA

“I just love you Jill, open clear down to earth along side the transcendental layers of us all. With support to our individual growth as our one with out judgement!!! Xxx” – Vicki, New Zealand

“Jill’s recordings are always delivered with love, compassion, humor and insightful information. Her material is relevant to all of us and it will give you much to ponder and embrace time and time again; and her integrity is over the top.” – Patti Robinson

“I deeply recommend a session with Jill. Trying to find appropriate wording but can’t find any, it’s just too good!” – KN, Sweden

“OMG Your meditation/connections touched me to my core. I’m still feeling expansive, light as a feather with the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. The way you explain our purpose here or lack there of, made a big difference in the way I see the world, and I don’t have to help change a thing here. Others don’t have to wake up what a concept. Now I can just be me. All your courses are amazing. I can’t wait to dive into the second item. Thank you Jill, and Your Team.” – Debbie, USA

“If you’ve ever let self-criticism get the best of you, you definitely owe it to yourself to book sessions with Jill. Your Eternal Self will give you such loving and authentic praise and appreciation of who you really are that you can believe in who you are in ways that can work miracles in your life. And, what’s more, it can even be the most delightful phone call you can remember. And you get the recording to come back to any time you need that reminder! Priceless!” – T.Z., Canada

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