Life tip: Constipation Relief, IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tips for resolving constipation whether it is a consistent problem for you or if it is just occasional. I found what works for me and hopefully it helps you or your loved one.

Not exactly a topic I love talking about but, constipation and digestion are a problem for many people and it was for me until I learned what worked for me. If this can help someone, it’ll be worth sharing this quick message. I’m not a doc or medical expert but these solutions have fixed the problem for me and I hope they help you!

Not a paid endorsement. Just want to help those who suffer from IBS, irregular digestion and/or constipation.

(These would be recommendations in addition to the more obvious things to try (drink more water, healthy food choices, baseline of daily activity, etc.).)

Products I recommend, that work for me:

  1. Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops by Trace Minerals, as directed on label
  2. Magnesium Citrate supplements, as directed on label
  3. Traditional Medicinals tea, Smooth Move, as directed on label.

Cheers to your health, wellness and sense of wholeness.

Audio is here

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