What did Jesus do without having the Bible?

In this message we offer an update on the Platinum Age Retreat Zion, how we unintentionally create divide between ourselves and others who also love Jesus, and we spend some quality time on how Jesus was internally guided while he was here on Earth in the human bodysuit. It wasn’t intended for there to be a book, a testament and He actually was disappointed that there ended up being a book, which can serve as a disconnecting experience, versus furthering an internal connection to God. Jesus encourages us to know our inner compass, to trust ourselves so that we can be the glorious Light of Source all life is.
This message is intended to inform, inspire and set free the love of God that we are, even here. This isn’t blasphemy; it is honor for Jesus and the life He Lived, the model He created for Light in human form.

Jesus was internally guided while he was here on Earth. Going beyond the Book.

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