The Special Topic for this conversation with John Burgos is a Special Channeled message for NOW from me and “my team”: Keeping it Cool Amidst Chaos

* While some are waking up, many humans seem to be stuck – what do we do about it
* Insights on the US Election (yes, we are going “there!!)
* What can You do, specifically, to serve Light, right now
* Strategies for staying Strong in Your Light, no matter what
* Keeping it Cool Amidst Chaos

I love my experiences with John and with you and I hope that you enjoy this experience.

Many of us here have done some AMAZING things together through my previous special offers on Beyond the Ordinary. But, I sense this one will be EPIC as I am led to guide us through a process to TUNE OUR WORLD for 2017. When my team showed me this I immediately got the goosebumps, felt the excitement, and knew the importance of this project. I hope that you will join me, sharing your light, your soul signature. Come as you Are, peeps! Your Light Rocks and if you don’t know that yet, you will in this Series 🙂 The live portion launches Oct. 2 so move quickly on this one!! The Special Offer details and more very important information is at

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I’d love to see you soon!


Shared with permission of John Burgos and Beyond the Ordinary