JRF Podcast #200 Enlightening Message for New Beginnings

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Empowering new year message for understanding why we incarnate, how to be happier in your life and more key answers for consciousness and enlightenment. Additionally, after the key message Jill goes into the mysterious world of cravings, moods and health related to the gut microbiome (cue the X-files music).

Another calendar announcement: Please mark your calendars for this Friday Jan. 11 Tuesday Jan. 22* at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London for when I’ll be alongside our fellow Bringer of Light, Cari Murphy!  I love my time with Cari and am hopeful you can join in for that call!  Link for joining into live call and for accessing the archive is here. And, thank you for your support, I appreciate you every day. *After the podcast, Cari reached out and asked to change the date of our conversation which I agreed to. New date falls at same time as our podcast so it actually works out very well!

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