Enlightenment Projects for Earth

We plow down some fences, into new truths about whether humanity is or isn’t about to wake up (they aren’t) and we get to why these messages have been shared so widely here on Earth. Fascinating reason! Big truths ~ More Light ~ Restoring Wholeness. We also connect the message to how to embody your light for this life and for after this life (the death corridor).

Topics in this message include:

  • Gaia’s reincarnations
  • Reboots of Earth where all Life is Removed and Life on Earth is restarted
  • Galactic Council Meetings
  • Lies told for benevolent purposes to Bringers of Light
  • Humanity’s Awakening
  • The notion that Children of certain age being higher vibe than those born earlier
  • How enlightenment operations on Earth are run
  • Y2K/1999 hysteria was related to a re-boot option on Earth
  • Cults and spiritual messengers that perpetuate the subordination of their followers
  • The importance of sovereignty, light within and free will for this life, and for the afterlife

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Weekly messages are our gift to the world, to inspire the Light of God within all life. This is a no bullshit zone – we turn “enlightenment” teachings on their head… to reveal the authentic Light that is already there, in You!

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