Pythagoras explains that mathematics in modern day times has sort of lost its way, having turned into a litany of mechanized steps, with no soul, no heart, no mystery. That is not at all how he experienced mathematics. In order for humanity to move forward from its present state, it is imperative for us to feel a higher power within ourselves, the creative spark of imagination, curiosity and creative energy. Pythagoras explains that our current approach to mathematics is akin to doing paint by numbers instead of true artistry. Very few students of math appreciate the actual meaning of multiplication, as just one example. The memorization of facts, without appreciation for the meaning is not a sign of mathematical understanding. So much for us in this very special podcast. For those new to channeling, please hang in there and check out this full video to be curious yourself, about the wisdom available to us, now. I, too, would’ve called this approach to wisdom and insight impossible as recently as 2008. I now know better… Video is here:

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