Is this Coronavirus the Great Awakening we’ve been waiting for?

Amidst any crisis or global concern, I notice a growing anticipation that the event was coordinated by higher powers to coordinate a dramatic shift towards light.

Many channelers consistently read world events as a sign of mass awakening. “This is it!” “We’re almost there!” “We are doing it this time!” “Get Ready!”

And as far as a I can tell, “it” doesn’t happen. There were many such expectations with the Mayan calendar event in 2012, as just one example, with dubious results. And such grand expectations are happening again with this global pandemic. How quickly we can forget the many times our hopes were raised, followed by sophisticated rationalizations of why the great awakening, didn’t happen, again.

Things return to a polarized, chaotic, widely unconscious realm that we need to survive in, still. In the process, so many devoted and light-filled beings’ hopes dashed multiple times over the decades. Yet, because of our light, still remaining hopeful for humanity and this realm. Even with the many false hopes, many amazingly light-filled angelic humans still devotedly listening and following well-meaning and loving spiritual teachers that continuously mis-read global events. It’s ok; mistakes happen, right? But we have a serious pattern of flawed predictions here. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the whole notion that we incarnated to awaken humanity from it’s unconscious slumber.

What if we aren’t even here to awaken humanity? What if we just came here to be our light… knowing humanity, as a collective, mostly does its own thing, even amidst global crises, even amidst an interstellar representative of light incarnating.

After all, Jesus didn’t wake humanity up, as a collective. It’s more than 2,000 years and in terms of consciousness not much has changed since his days.

There is another perspective, another approach to being your light that doesn’t depend on any mass event, any full disclosure, any cosmically coordinated circumstance, any global crisis or personal devastation.

I highly recommend this other approach. And it’s catching on…

It’s easier because it acknowledges the fullness of light, the wholeness of Spirit, that we are as our Infinite Selves, helping us access that perfected spherical structure of light now, while we are here, within our human bodysuits. It allows you to feel and know the light of Source within and it isn’t dependent on anyone doing or being anything other than exactly what they are. It even accepts ourselves as we are ~ true grace of God. Of course.

I think this is what Jesus was trying to show us: be God’s light even without a mass event, even without the world doing it with you, even before you hit rock bottom, even before the world reaches another brink of disaster. Being God’s light. Being it because you can and because you choose to, even if it doesn’t feel like anyone else is doing it with you. This is ascension. It’s personal, not collective. It’s internal much more than external.

I respect the many channelers and channeled teachings that get people motivated and inspired in God’s light. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. Personally, I’m not a big fan of false hope and hard to believe stories about what this reality is, what we are and what is happening here. Besides, the truth is better. Plus it gives us (all) more immediate and personal access to God’s infinite light, love, wisdom and grace. Now ~ and whenever. Global pandemic or not.

I, too, am a channeler, but of a very different variety. I’m not trying to get you to the light that you apsire to. I’m intent on helping you realize and connect to the light that you Are, eternally, which includes “here.” Huge difference. God doesn’t need to make you into anything to be the light that you Are. Your Soul doesn’t need a string of incarnations to learn to become the Source energy it is. Incarnations aren’t done for lessons and Earth isn’t a school. These are just a few of the huge aha’s many experience in the approach to light within that we use.

We share our work to provide a more realistic, practical way of being light amidst what is, exactly as the world and as others and as humanity are right now. Being light now, no waiting, no need for others to join in ~ just being light no matter what. This to us real ascension. It is individual not collective. And it works. Because it’s true. If this is a completely new concept and you are trying to figure it out and want to hear more, this free playlist of related videos on the truth of infinite light is here and possibly helpful articles are below. I hope it’s helpful, and possibly even liberating, life changing and centering you in the light of God that you Are, and came to be, no matter what.

I love you, your light, your Infinite Self. I want you and everyone to know this light of God that is available, even when there isn’t a disaster.

Offered with Love,


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  1. Jill Renee Feeler March 31, 2020 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    On Facebook in response to this article, a beautiful sister asked, “But what if it is a Planetary reset and Awakening?” We offered a pretty lengthy response which many have hearted and thumbs upped. I’ll share it here as it may strike a chord of resonance or self-reflection for you or others.

    “Hello Star <3 Sending my love. Great question. I normally don't like this venue for such a great question, usually not taking the time to offer a response. But I'll make time, hoping it will help offer a very different framework for being one's light.

    My role is to share what I am "seeing"/know, which is often very, very different than what other teachers and channelers are presenting. Can we, as humans, use this coronavirus as a planetary reset? Of course. We could use anything as a planetary reset. Gaia isn't needing humanity to wake up, either... Gaia is built to withstand, endure and thrive even amidst the way this realm is presently functioning. Humans tend to not do things as a collective. Like, ever. Can it be a mass awakening? Of course. But, to me and with my team consciousness, that is not likely, at all. We aren't expecting it, we aren't counting on it and we advise against depending on it for a sense of well being and hope. A mass awakening not happening doesn't mean we aren't loved by God and doesn't mean that as Bringers of Light we are failing at our job. Our job is not to awaken humanity. Source isn't worried about humanity's consciousness. So why are we? It's because of a sad and unfortunate huge distortion of purpose and distortion of cosmology.

    Winning the lottery is more likely than any mass awakening on Earth. Now, some are consistently optimistic about winning the lottery, despite the probabilities, so there, you go. Free will.

    It is risky and unpopular for me to share such counter cultural info, but I do it anyway, always intended with love, valuing Source love, truth, integrity and the honor Source and our "teams" have for us, in providing the truth, in interacting with us as the mature adults that we are. The most popular teachings are definitely those of the "It's happening" "We are almost there" variety" which is easy to see.

    I find it unfortunate that on so many occasions this beautiful, heart-based community is told predictions that do not come true ~ over and over and over again. Everyone deserves better than false hope, distortions and continual let downs. The lies and disrespect for this heart-based community, from within its own community is such a huge bummer, a huge missed opportunity for anyone living the lie of a mass awakening happening, soon. It is no different, energetically, than mainstream Christians waiting for His return...

    Each time with those false hopes, I saw it differently... My team has a solid track record of accuracy when it comes to cosmology and global enlightenment predictions... that can be easily proven as my work is all online and goes back to the beginning of my connection ~2011. We even, in many ways predicted Trump would win the 2016 election - doesn't mean we wanted it to happen, but we were definitely not surprised by it.

    Hope often "sells" better than truth and I understand this. Thankfully, I'm not here for a popularity contest. And I'm ok being a niche channeler and spiritual teacher that only some feel ready to hear. Truth that is willing to call out false hope, lies, distortions is not something most of the Law of Attraction and What the Bleep do We Know crowds are rushing towards. And with that structure depending on staying positive, even at the expense of being unrealistic, why would they?

    Still, we offer regular liberation from dogma, cult-like structures and false teachings, I consistently hear how much more real one's light feels through our work together. They are no longer chasing it, waiting for it or depending on the rest of humanity to wake up...

    Some would rather be hopeful, even if it's false hope they hold precariously, often within an unnatural and overly complex "merkaba structure." (A sphere structure is far easier to operate, more natural to our infinite self's structure and doesn't require endless maintenance and tuning.)

    I respect free will so I also respect such choices one can make. Such a choice towards false hope may be rooted in deep trauma that one is trying so so hard to heal from. For them, I really wish they know the real hope that is always available: the truth that their soul didn't need that trauma and pain, that that horrible experience was not orchestrated for their growth, that no past life is even related to that horrific event, that that pain wasn't even intended for them, that it isn't personal... that they just got unlucky in that situation, allowing them to let go of personally identifying with the trauma and pain, so that they can then adjust their identity to the infinite wholeness of their eternal, timeless self. It works. I see it over and over again. Freedom from the nonsense that lives are past and this one is related to the last one - none of that is even true... but we are powerful enough to pretend it's true... in some ways it is scary to have that much power. But we do, Each of us. All of us.

    I remember in 2011 and up to the Mayan calendar change in Dec 2012 soooo many people were certain that we would no longer have linear time, they were just so sure that this realm would go through a dramatic, undeniable transcendent experience. I didn't see it that way. I actually chose to make a 2013 calendar, with beautiful images, quotes and inspiration, feeling just that strongly that linear time would indeed continue. I smiled when people said "why are you making a calender? don't you know that we will be transcending linear time after the mayan calendar event in 2012?" I just smiled back, offering that I saw things very definitely, and wanted to offer a calendar as an element of proof of my own prediction, that time would very much continue in this realm, and that that need not be a stumbling block for our infinite light operating well here on Earth within humanity.

    A transcendent awakening is always available, and rarely taken by most humans. The truth that they don't need to take it, that they are whole and complete as their infinite selves is something that dramatically affects the light frequencies here.... that awakening is not necessary... is truth, is real, and is love. This is God's true love. This is authentic ascension. This is awakening. It may not be great in numbers but it is to any individual willing to make it entirely personal, which it is.

    Offered with love,

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