Hero Worship: How to go from Cult-like idolization of another to claiming your Own Sovereignty

Hero Worship

Who is ready for this deep conversation? We are going to address it from multiple angles:

  • those that may be under the spell of cult-like idolatry,
  • leaders that unconsciously promote cult-like group energies and
  • those that hold deep and reinforced loyalty towards their spiritual teachers.

The energy patterns of hero-worship, idolatry and cults can be very subtle. This is very important material… because you can’t claim your own Sovereignty when you are distracted glorifying anothers — and why do they need you to? Does that trigger the need to defend anyone (but but but)? Then I definitely recommend you join us!

Please join me for this month’s gifted webinar. We offer an experience unlike any other, to help you personally experience the most expanded frequencies available at this time. – Link to event will be placed here as soon as I have it.

Special Topic: My deepest passion is assisting you and this world in re-claiming it’s inherent Light and Sovereignty. Within spirituality we have many unconscious patterns that lead to hero worship, idolization and even cult-like behavior. Yup, I said that just there. We are going into this deep, shadowy side of spirituality in this online event. It isn’t about blame or shame. It’s about awareness, compassion and action to claim your light even when a spiritual leader is doing amazing work and yet not quite getting you to You, your Light.

I don’t want to “out” anyone, other than You ♥

Jill Renee Feeler

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