Humanity has tremendous untapped potential. We are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. We need real answers and authentic progress. This can only be done with our Soulful layers, our depth and breadth as divine energy. This is beyond religion and even beyond spirituality. I share because we need to see ourselves more clearly. I share these message to awaken and inspire the divine core of you. Because we all matter. And matter matters. The podcasts are shared at no cost, but rather as a service to those ready to step it up and get serious about Being Divinely Human. Light from the inside out. Not a game. A reality. Now. – Jill Renee Feeler

Are you losing You in a collective crisis? JRF Podcast #232

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Amidst times of uncertainty, stress, anxiety we can lose ourselves, making a hard time, even harder. This podcast is offered to 1) assist you in reconnecting with yourself, 2) remind you there are many choices in who and what you are, even during a crisis, 3) there is a bigger perspective to consider, 4) are you getting caught up in it and then losing yourself in the process.

Ask Me Anything Event #8 Member’s Event

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World renowned intuitive, philosopher Jill Renee Feeler invites members to ask her anything, leading to mind-blowing revelations and heart expansive liberation that will help you feel more ~personally~ connected to the truest, most glorious layers of self and of what I call God. Stop chasing. Start finding. The infinite glory of Source energy.

Trump Reading JRF Podcast #226

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Another perspective on Trump to offer. We hope you find this helpful as he has been dehumanized in a very calculated manner that is worthy of personal examination. I encourage your own discernment in all matters of life. I love humanity and I love my country. I hope all citizens love their country and want what is best for it. Complex situations deserve a deeper look at all factors.

JRF Podcast #224 How to Let Go and Not Be So Controlling, with Life, Children, Others

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Some of us as humans share a consistent desire to control an outcome, manage people's lives for them and step into problem solve even when we aren't invited. Although the application of this message is much wider, we do include the primary example of parenting, helicopter parenting, with some thoughts on advocating for our children and helping to raise them to Be their own self, to support a well adjusted, happy, "successful" adult.

JRF Podcast #222 Spiritual Communities as Replacement Families

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Releasing Key misunderstandings about what is needed before we can be our best selves, sharing and being our light on Earth. Freedom, Liberation, Truth and a bit of Conspiracy are within this refreshing podcast. More details and referenced links at

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