Humility in Science

JRF Podcast #239

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Scientists disinterest in what is beyond this reality, what is beyond spacetime is akin to marvel fans being disinterested in Stan Lee, or even worse, pretending there is no Stan Lee.

There is a Creator of Origin. And there is an Origin Story. That will never show up in the fossil record. Those are just the remains.

Scientists could benefit greatly from an increased degree of humility. They are not closer to truth than non-scientists, just as religious leaders are not closer to God. This isn’t about God, or religion. This is about truth. Truth is the ultimate intersection between science and religion. But how much can we actually know, from within the reality (the simulation)? More than we imagine, but not from looking at our perception of the “past.”

And Science isn’t getting any closer to truth than Religion… possibly by design.

So much pretending



Note: My apologies that when I got to the podcast I thought the referenced remains discussed in JRE #1561 with Kermit Pattison were Rudy, when they were calling the remains Artie. Sorry for that error on my part.

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