New Template for Growth and Expansion ~ Nov 2020 message

A fresh perspective on evolution, growth, lessons and expansion ~ based on Source energy curiosity and experimentation and not based solely on pain, suffering and problem solving. Sometimes we as Source just wonder what could be better, even when nothing is inherently broken.  

This is a particularly powerful message for those dedicated to personal growth within self, others and humanity in general as well as for anyone that has tried to make sense of their own personal tragedies. 
Liberating truths, helping one better understand God, themselves, pain/loss and this reality. 

This channeled transmission delivers an updated perspective of life purpose, pretending that everything happens for a reason and the unfortunate outcome of evolution being tied to struggle, pain, and linear development.  

A ground breaking decoupling of life purpose, life meaning and human evolution from pain, suffering and supposed lessons.

Yes, there are people that need to get burned before they learn the lesson of heat. However, not all humans are this way. I know for myself that I learn/decide easily through observation, inner sensory wisdom (transcendence) and through the wiring of myself as my infinite energy which is not only within dna but beyond space | time design of self. Life is not solely for learning lessons, and certainly not through pain and suffering. Life is also not for Source/God to get to know itself… humans may be having an identity crisis, but God is not.

Existential questions deserve thoughtful, rational, transcendent wisdom… we did a pretty amazing job in this channeled message. I sense that these fresh, original ideas herein will be incredibly satisfying and enlightening for anyone that has wondered:
* why there is so much pain in this world,
* how does life on Earth actually evolve, (linear and nonlinear evolution),
* are incarnations necessary for a soul’s progress,
* why does God allow tragedy,
* has God abandoned this world,
* the downsides of placing a story onto painful experiences,
* why the human subconscious demands a purpose for tragedy
* how to better interpret pain when it occurs,
* discussion section of this recording included negative energetic attachments, alien visitations and the monitoring of this reality.

Replay now available.  Message is just under 2 hours.  Replay is in audio and in video, we recommend at listen one listen and at least one watch as there is so much here.  This experience and all JRF member content is also available as replays through our Roku channel here and our Amazon Fire channel here.

Comments from subscribers about this very deeply liberating message:

Jill Thank You Thank You Thank You. I am so grateful for your wisdom and guidance. You’ve helped me evolve in ways I never knew was possible. – Donna

I used to believe my pain and suffering made me closer to God .. the suffering Jesus Christ went through to fulfill his commitment to God. I suffered in my marriage, because of my belief, of my commitment I made to God in the marriage vows. I felt suffering was good, it made me feel closer to God . It made me feel special that I could bear it like Christ. Now I believe none of this was true, God does not want me to suffer, I don’t want to suffer.. suffering is not mandatory – Julie Paige

As far as 12 steps, looking at what had been done to me and what I did to others, looking at it from another view, as a creator, instead of a victim.. made me feel very powerful.. I could take responsibility and make right my wrongs. If I created these situations that I felt went wrong.. Now being connected to God, as myself.. I can create , or have more awareness of my Authority in my life. In my 12 step program I felt I had permission to believe in the God I wanted to create.. this was my connection back to God … then I met Jill….enter another layer of source creator God .. Now I love this version!! Whole and complete. Still human still in the bodysuit. Most days are Good. – JPM

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