JRF Podcast #234

Creating Harmony amid Disagreement

Support amidst a growing divide, stemming from differing views of the threat of the covid-19 virus and the tensions over quarantine policies. 

Audio is here:

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  1. Alicia Gwilliam May 22, 2020 at 7:44 am - Reply

    Jill thanks for your latest podcast. Yesterday I got a notice from Facebook that I had been disabled for not complying with their rules. (not the word they used but can’t remember what it was.) I was shocked and then I laughed. I was sharing a great interview with a Dr. from Orange County of 30 years. I can see both sides and I was expressing my feelings of things felt slimy and didn’t seem logical. Anyway long story short, your podcast is timely!!! It has been frustrating being a nurse and hearing these doctors on the front line who deal with this not be respected and having their hands tied. You are right I didn’t come here to fit in. The eerie part for me is knowing that I having been monitored for my postings ( many of those taken down) and censored. I chose to learn from this it’s not safe to express your feelings on forums like this if they go against the gate keepers. I didn’t want to believe that there were really people controlling the narrative. I see truth in both sides and I choose to believe we can think for ourselves and trust ourselves to be wise in taking care of ourselves. I appreciate you! Love, Alicia

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