Placements of Infinite Light Here on Earth

With the workshop at the end of April, part of the process was creating a new framework for our infinite light, divine energy and human layers. A new playground. For being the light. we (all) Are.

This week’s podcast gave me another chance to provide a full message in the new framework and I am feeling much more expanded light, love, liberation within it. I’m almost relieved, this is so much easier now, to be light here, to talk about the light that we are, here. Phew and yay!!

I notice that, at least for my observations, the ultra spiritual sort of approaches to being our divine light can easily guide us:
~ up out of our lower chakras (they apparently aren’t spiritual enough),
~ up out of our bodies (makes sense if the light is considered what you connect to vs. what you are), and
~ outside of our humanness (apparently our human experience on its own isn’t high vibe enough and is a problem for our “higher self” (which actually isn’t above you in space or in vibration, so it isn’t higher))

I created a Jill so that my creator energy could be its light in a carefully designed human form at a “time” that “mattered” to me as my creator energy. So here I am.

I know that this is true for everyone. That everyone could say that about themselves. And it offers a new framework. For being the light. That you Are.

You get to decide if you agree, for you personally. Because you get to decide on your beliefs and frameworks that you place yourself within.

Are you allowing your infinite energy to be placed within your human, so that you can be the full embodiment of light and humanity, simultaneously?

Are you trying to make your human perfect, heal all wounds and clear all negativity, as if those things could
in the way
of your infinite light?

They can’t get in the way… Nothing can get in the way of the infinite light. You. Are.

Just like nothing on Earth can get in the way of our nearest star, the Sun.

Wouldn’t that be interesting; everything that is creating or residing in a shadow here on Earth, trying to fix it so that there was no shadow, trying to stay in pure connection with the sun at all times and feeling like it was doing it wrong if it wasn’t. Every evening, a sense of failure. Every tree branch and leaf, flawed and not whole. To me that is very much what spiritual ascension ends up being for some that want to stay in the light 24/7, as if they aren’t the light already, as if the light is outside of them, and they are devotedly trying to connect. to it.

You are the light. You couldn’t not be the light. Even if you tried. Even while you are “here.” or any “where. The sun, the moon and the stars all at once. And also the creator of. you. and them. everyone. every thing. even space. even time.


With love, gratitude and blessings,