Exclusive JRF members experience in which members get to discuss their topics with Jill, present their questions and engage with each other ~ what results is dynamic and often deeply expansive information and sensations.

Given how much has been occurring in the world and on inner levels for so many of us, it is possibly that this encore experience will feel completely new.

A very uplifting and clarifying message, helping you to further allow for your creator of origin layers to be present in your life. A JRF Member's experience. If you haven't yet, here is another reason to participate in our membership.

A recorded experience with Jill and her fellow practitioners, answering their questions and offering insights and inspiration for those who support the best in others, officially and unofficially

A Very Revealing Solstice Message. A truth session as well as a deep activation to strengthen you in the light you are.

The intuitive appointments we offer are soulful and liberating, even for those who are not regularly engaged in metaphysical experiences.

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