A reflective message on divine feminine, divine masculine, remedies to the world's problems, blaming the patriarchy and trying to progress through diminishing the role of males in our world.

Monthly members events are another level of personal connection, individual expansion and feeling your light within. Please try it out for yourself, cancel at anytime if you don't enjoy it.

In this message from Archangel Gabriel he helps us better understand the way God actually responds to the abuses, horrors and even just unfortunate events of this world. He helps us identify a truer way to be our Light here, amidst what the world is now.

Interesting conversation with Todd Medina, respecting his work, his service, his heart and our ability to see things differently with respect, love and humor!

I found myself and the team being super SUPER focused on what works and doesn't work regarding abundance and wealth creation (from our perspective).

An indescribable message from a collection of councils including the Pleiadian Council, that I hope you choose to say yes to, for you!!