Jill Renee Feeler and Zoe Davenport: Why is my spiritual path so hard? Ep#11 Awakening To Love

Originally shared April 2019 ~ reposting in blog for those who may enjoy it/even again now.

In lieu of my weekly podcast, for this week you are invited to check out this expansive conversation that Zoe Davenport and I had on Tuesday! My video was a little wonky from my wifi connection – sorry – if it bothers you, I encourage you to close your eyes and listen instead :-) Video is here:

Audio version is here: From Zoe: “Join us for this transformational conversation where we dive deep into some home truths about the awakening journey. This week we welcomed Jill Rene Feeler who describes herself as a Cosmic Inspirer of Eternal Light on Earth. So much energy was felt during this conversation and Jill gifts us some powerful insights to why are we making things so difficult for ourselves and how to follow our own powerful internal light within. Don’t forget to like/comment/subscribe to let us know to keep sharing these conversations. See you next Tuesday! Join the Awakening To Love newsletter and receive your FREE DNA activation on Abundance at http://www.zoedavenport.co.uk/dna-abundance-activation” Thank you, Zoe – SO glad that we did this! With love, gratitude and blessings, Jill