Looking for a Fresh Perspective? 

I’ve got something very special for you

We are simply calling it “Jill’s Show!”

Making enlightenment accessible, light-hearted and incredibly profound with mini-readings, jaw dropping insights and practical advice.


  • strange jargon that excludes others
  • stuffy, overly serious, preachy energy
  • cultish pretending that all of humanity is going in any certain direction
  • a guru structure where the leader appears closer to God than you
  • requiring everyone to wear any certain color
  • condescending our humanity


  • energizing ideas that make you feel closer to your inner creator
  • light-hearted re-frames that seem simple but with life-changing results
  • compassionate responses, to the real hurt and confusion that we can all experience in this beautiful but also strange world
  • approachable guidance for creating new versions of ourselves


  • more satisfying relationships
  • practical approaches to income, life and living
  • sustainable energetic connection to source, to self, to humanity
  • liberating concepts that set your most miraculous layers free, to be lived, enjoyed and offered, as you, in this world, exactly as it is.

There will be smiles and laughter. There will be jaws dropping, possibly yours. There may be tears of healing, and joy
as we support the natural state of well being within
that we all have, but regularly forget.


Through humor, everyday language, the most expanded consciousness ideas and Jill’s world celebrated intuitive abilities and insights.

Secure your spot here (limited availability)

Jill’s mini-readings will be the focus, sharing her inspired perspective with those who raise their hand and are randomly selected.

The next show is Sunday Feb 21 at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern/8pm London, and is likely to last ~90 minutes. It is online, via Zoom. Ticket holders will receive access to Zoom details upon purchase.

Thanks for joining the zoom call about 10 minutes before the start time as we will get started right on time.

Jill’s show is a wonderful choice if you are new to readings or new to Jill and want to it check out.

For those experienced in spirituality and consciousness, Jill’s show will feel like a homey energy sess with heart expanding notions and mind blowing refreshes, casting new light on some very tired spiritual ideas.

And, if you are feeling stuck in your spirituality, in your life or just want to know and support something totally original going on on Earth, this is a great choice to get your energy and your ideas flowing in new directions ~ and more easily! Originals stick together, even cross-industry.

Jill’s Show. Because even the most expanded ideas of spirituality should be light-hearted and accessible.