An adventure to the holy land with world renowned channel Jill Renee Feeler. These trips are carefully planned, and divinely inspired for a once in a lifetime experience while feeling completely taken care of, allowing you to relax, enjoy and feel your sense of inner connection to Source, God.

Greece is legendary, for many, many reasons. And it remains a treasure of sacred energies, intergalactic portals, timeless treasures. Custom itinerary for FUN, adventure and expansion with fellow Bringers of Light!

An invitation to monthly members to ask me your questions, from top existential questions, to our take on specific events in their life, etc. You ask great questions (particularly our members!). Oh the Expansion we create!

Lion's gate message is now available in archive and it is a one of a kind inspiring, stress reducing, healing, shifting message that will provide soulful support for months, and years, to come.

Ancient Greek Marble Pyramid Found on an Aegean Island

Unique, sacred teachings for embodying your light, claiming your sovereignty, receiving God's grace and freeing yourSelf from the reincarnation programs operating in this reality. You never needed to incarnate... and you never have to again, no matter what you life looks like, or doesn't look like... Truth!!