21st Century Enlightenment

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Hello :-)  !!

I want to share some exciting news with you!

Since last year our light-based community has grown in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

I started my business 11 years ago because I wanted to share my newly remembered gifts with others, helping them better understand themselves, others and this world. It wasn’t long into my entry into the industry that I realized that I had something completely different to offer. I hope you have noticed that I am improving with the ability to language what is so unique about what you and I do together.

In our work together, I’ve witnessed how we help people immediately connect not to the light, as if it is an outside energy source, but rather, connect as the light of source energy within.

There are so many benefits to this inside out approach to enlightenment including that it:
~ does not requiring years of study,
~ does not implore anyone to leave their job/income if it isn’t “spiritual enough”
~ does not require you to forego the other pleasures of being human, enjoying life and appreciating regular interactions with fellow humans, who may or may not be “doing their work”.

I also observed that the predominant approach to spirituality is “outside in” (where the light, Source, God is perceived as outside oneself and needing to be pulled in, attracted, sought, studied, etc.). This has the industry regularly in a state of spiritual codependency, with its devotees regularly feeling under prepared and persistently questioning, doubting their purpose, their value, their ability to make decisions, seemingly unable to trust themselves, and their light. It does not have to be this way. We can be more confident in our light, and then more fully live it, for the enjoyment of self and for the many benefits that offers this world and those in it.

21st Century Enlightenment is accessible light within. I love hearing from those of you here that know this for yourself, that are living your light and now have the updated expectations of what that actually looks like, in the real world.

Some of you have heard me in recent weeks mention the new materials I’m working on. I want to tell you the name: Updating Humanity Workshop. It is based on the methods we’ve already created and been using, which I am calling 21st Century Enlightenment.

21st Century Enlightenment is an “inside out” pathway to the source energy we are that helps us more readily and more rationally expand, know and be the light, the love, the wisdom and the compassion that we are as Source energy, that chose to be in human form at this time for many reasons including for the desire to update humanity.

I will soon be releasing a free 6 part video series on 21st Century Enlightenment that I think you are going to get so much from. I’ll be providing instruction, benefits and strategies for using it in your profession, in your connecting to Source and in your everyday living!

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See you soon!

With love,
Offering 21st century enlightenment, psychic intuitive, Jill Renee Feeler helps us better understand and appreciate ourselves, this world and why we are here.