~ Small Business Saturday ~

   Generous Savings for You

Small Business Saturday is today!  As a show of thanks and gratitude I am offering you some very generous savings on the top rated Updating Humanity Workshop and my popular one hour intuitive readings.

Thank you for being you!

Thank you for being alongside me ~ I love being alongside you!

Thank you for your business ~ I’m grateful for your support

As a show of my gratitude for you on this Small Business Saturday I have two different offers, each providing $100 USD in savings. 

Offer 1: $100 off my top selling Updating Humanity Workshop

Here’s what Mark said about this completely original, heart-warming, soul-stirring experience: 

“The Updating Humanity Workshop was amazing…one of the most profound spiritual teachings I’ve experienced in this incarnation. For me, it’s right up there with The Autobiography of a Yogi, Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness, Frank DeMarco’s channeled books based on his experiences at The Monroe Institute, the life and times of Ram Dass (Dr. Dick Alpert), and even the profound channeling of 400+ books by Chico Xavier. The spiritual purity of her work, her ministry, is indeed “mind blowing.” Jill’s teachings are truly priceless lessons for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.” ~ Mark McCarthy

High praise ~ I’m humbled to even be mentioned alongside these others…  I truly enjoy making enlightenment accessible.  I do feel it’s a purpose of my being here.  

Offer one for this top rated workshop is available to you thru end of day Tuesday Nov 30 Pacific time, by going to www.updatinghumanity.com/holiday-sale  

All materials are online and immediately available upon registering. If you choose offer 1, please take your time with these resources (16+ hours) and use the included free bonuses to assist in your receiving all of the expansion offered. We don’t hold back… knowing we are supporting your most expanded soulful layers. You will be treated as the soulful being of light you ~ are ~  That is a very different approach… with very upgraded outcomes. See for yourself.

Offer 2: I know, I know sometimes you just want a freakin’ amazing reading to get your toes pointed in the right direction, your heart feeling full and your mind crystal clear with focused, amazing ideas for a solidly soulful path forward. I got you!  How about $100 USD off my top rated, globally acknowledged, nothing else like it intuitive readings?  

Whether you’ve never, like never, had a reading or whether you are a connoisseur of all things metaphysical, my work is all about accessible enlightenment, offering expansion, clarity and compassionate wisdom no matter where you are on the spectrum of esoteric experience. I speak clearly, I support the authority you are in your life and I help you feel the closeness, personally, to Source energy we all are and all deserve.  My aim is for you to feel your gifts, and the gift you are in this world… See for yourself :-) You’ll feel more empowered, and connected than possibly ~ever~ before. That’s for everybody, right? 

Schedule your reading at bit.ly/jrfsmallbiz and use coupon code smallbiz to get that incredible discount.  Just make sure to go on the scheduler and put in the code before end of day Tuesday Nov 30 Pacific time.  Your appointment might be a few weeks out ~ I promise it’ll be worth the wait, and probably right on time.  

Ok, so there we go ~ two incredible offers ~ I hope at least one of them is a yes for you!

With love,


P.S. Yes, you could do both offers ~ that’s a hell of a way to soulfully glide out of these often confused 2021 energies and into the new year with a light-charged, heart opened, mind focused version of you!

P.P.S. Tuesday will be here before you know it ~ clickity click now to get these generous discounts.