How to Maximize Your Greatest Potential

Maximizing your potential is best pursued by being more honest yourself, following a well-designed process of inner reflection and building on your natural strengths and gifts. You may be someone who is trying to realize your own version of greatness, overcoming a personal challenge, or possibly even restarting your life. My doable approach to personal transcendence is something I call accessible enlightenment. My approach yields the results you desire and deserve, without the bullshit that comes along with a lot of personal growth, self-help methods.  In this article we take a fresh look at your most important accomplishment which is creating your self. You’ve been creating your self your whole life, most likely without realizing that is what you were actually doing. The accomplishment of making yourself is an achievement, especially if you consider all you’ve been through and what you’ve had to overcome. No one else can appreciate that as much as you can. And we all have our own version those challenges, everyone. All of this probably feels more like an achievement if you like what you’ve made. Still, what you are often is probably overlooked as an achievement because you can only see it in reflection. Let’s dive into this vast idea and see where it goes.

Look at you, making a you.

It’s natural to only look outside your self when reflecting on your accomplishments. 

We can’t see ourselves using our five human senses except in reflection.  

So we look at observable things likes the roles you serve your career or job for a glimmer of creations, accomplishments we’ve made in our lives. 

But, I offer that what you are as a person that fills all those roles is the most relevant creation we make in life. 

It’s easy to forget that’s what we’re doing everyday is making a self to be.  

Want to do that more consciously? Great move. You’ll never regret it. 

Consciously present, feeling yourself more fully, at new depths.  It will make you feel more fully alive. 

I am a professional and confidential adviser in helping you consciously create the version of you that you want to be, even dream of being. 

What kinds of people do I help to live, be, create themselves and their life more consciously?  I advise and support all kinds of people, at all stages of young adult and full adulthood, from all professions, all religious backgrounds (include no religion).  Your beliefs and spiritual ideology are not needing to be changed. We just need to give you enough room within your beliefs to create the you that you really want to be, here and now. That potential is within reason, of course. 


Yes, reasonability, because it matters deeply. Without reasonability, one can get caught up in fantasy based theories, dreams that never come true, waiting and waiting for the future they’ve been hoping for, even counting on.

This leads to incredible disillusionment, self-doubt and crushing disappointment, possibly with feelings of a life not well spent, not fully lived. I see it, sadly, quite often. I have developed a long list of such fantasy based theories and can spot them easily when meeting with new clients. My experience with a wide variety of backgrounds and belief systems is helpful in my helping you move forward, in the direction you desire, again, within reason. 

Sound goals and achievable dreams help us feel accomplishment and purpose.  I’ve noticed so many people from all stages of life questioning their purpose and feeling insecure in their accomplishments.  I know from my own version of this process employed on myself how much more on purpose I feel and how much more accomplished and focused I am in my life as a result of this very approach. That is why I’m recommending this approach to you. The additional benefit is that accomplishment and purpose are two very likable qualities.  But what matters more than others liking you, is you liking you. Liking yourself, even when others do not, is another strategic benefit. Because, of course, not everyone is going to like you, no matter what you do, or don’t do.

There is so much emphasis on loving yourself. We hear all the time that if we can’t love ourselves then no one else can either.  But, what those supposed experts and gurus don’t tell you is that self-love is even easier when there is self-like. And self-like is easier when you are consciously creating and living the you that you want to be.  My approach to that is not outside in, rather we create self-like from the inside out.  Why? Because you don’t have as much control over your outside world. You have full authority over your inside self, your inner world so it makes perfect sense to focus our efforts there as well as the outside world.  The inner world of you is where the self-sabotage resides, which needs addressing, so we do.  I have a very good track record of spotting, addressing and assisting with self-sabotage patterns!  That alone is a game changing outcome when we partner together on your personal improvement efforts.

Some people can feel incapable of change. But this isn’t true. Noticeable change and improvement is possible no matter what your age or temperament. Everyone is capable of more consciously creating the person they are. 

Everyone is capable of creating the person they wish they could be, especially with the right resources such as partnering with me.  I assist you in creating a person that:

  • forgives yourself, no matter what skeletons you have in you closet. 
  •  apologizes to others, without any problem or hesitation.
  •  notices when there is something to say apologize for :-) 
  •  is honest with yourself
  •  more fully occupies yourself, your potential, your opportunities in life
  •  fully loves others and yourself, easily and joyfully
  •  better assesses risks and opportunities
  •  doesn’t confuse worry about others with love for others
  •  doesn’t look for excuses or stories when things are going as desired
  •  feels personally responsible for who and what you are, 
  •  recognizes you can only be yourself, and that is enough
  •  self-reflective
  •  is more balanced between self and other

I hope you are already curious about the potential you have within you.  Let’s do a complimentary Next Steps Planning Session.  You can get on my calendar at this link.  Don’t be scared ~ there is no good reason to be nervous. I’m not looking for what is wrong with you.  You already know your shortcomings and don’t need me to point those out.  I’m looking for what is naturally great about you, so we can build from there.  That list of what is great about you, even your natural gifts, may be things you don’t know, don’t realize and overlook, every day.  Sad, isn’t it?  The idea that you have blessings and gifts you don’t even acknowledge that you ignore, every day is such a wasted opportunity to enjoy yourself more and to share more of that in your life, in this world. Assisting you in being that is my specialty. Schedule here.

Hope to talk with you soon ~ Jill

An important note here to those well-versed in self help. I am not Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, nor Eckhart Tolle. God bless them and their ways. But, I find no benefit in glorifying your suffering. I don’t believe heroes arise from great tragedy. Rather I believe we can all be our own version of a hero, not via great tragedy but rather by more fully realizing our greatest potential. My approach is to focus on your greatest strengths and natural abilities, building from there. I desire the authentic greatness in humanity, to help create more every day heroes, even if we are only rescuing ourselves from our own worst or most unlikeable expressions. I sense that if more and more of us did that, the world would be a better place, starting with you and me. I like to be real about being awesome, knowing there is so much incredible potential for true greatness within each and every human. No one needs to hit rock bottom to get there. It’s always there… right there, inside of us. Let’s get it!   I hope that helps you decide to learn more.