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  1. [5:44] Hi Jill, A sense of uncertainty has seeped into my energy lately and although I’ve been fairly adept at navigating uncertainty in my life, this feels much bigger than I am – it feels like an eruption on a global collective level. Can you speak about this and the role that uncertainty is playing in our collective evolving consciousness.
    Heartfelt gratitude to you and all!
    Love, Carol
  2. [14:27] Hi Jill, I have never been able to call someone my friend. I have a girlfriend that we talk and hang out but I can’t call her my friend. I don’t know if i expect more from a friend than just hang out and talking nonsense :). I love being alone and have my own fun but sometimes she makes comments that makes me wonder if I should invest more on friendship or making more friends. What’s your input on friends? Thank you for your support :). – Susana
  3. [26:48] and another layer at [1:10] Hi Jill. Good afternoon. Thank you for sharing. what are some ways to help bring / build structure to receiving (in general… wisdom, love, money, connections, etc) – Amy [answer here also applied to this question from Rajan: 2) 2 aspects in this now moment is bothering me. Relationship and job( money ) . My current job i feel not aligned with my frequency.  Looking forward to meet everyone]
  4. [47:49] My question today relates to wondering what it is about the 20th century philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand that you are drawn to? (You’ve mentioned on several occasions by way of introduction that you like Ayn Rand). Not having read anything by her myself, am I mistaken in believing that she espouses a kind of ethics of self-interest or even selfishness? With reference to the section “2.5 Virtues, Vices, and Egoism” in the online essay at
    Would you care to explain how this matches the values of a compassionate, caring person such as yourself? Thanks! – Tom
  5. [1:06] Hi Jill and everyone. I am new to the membership 😀. Question ( self rememberence/ enlightenment )
    1) I have heard that Budhha got enlightened doing vipassana technique which later on he taught to his bikkhus( desciples )and many of his desciples got enlightened also. I would like to ask budhha and team to talk about this witnessing consciousness or oberving consciousness. When i stop doing things with my physical body and remain loose and natural body starts doing things in its own accord. Like walking dancing and mudras and stretching. Is it witnessing? or i would love to hear what team has to expand on this topic. – Rajan
  6. [1:16] Hi Jill, Thanks for doing these “ask me anything” events. The answers are always so enlightening and usually also very relevant to questions I have been thinking about, but never get around to asking. My question today has to do with my daughter’s OCD. She’s only ten but has been experiencing a very difficult period trying to manage her OCD. We recently went to a naturopath who has prescribed a supplement regime and informed us that this was more of an “indigo/starseed” issue than a typical mental health issue. I don’t know what to feel about that…Maybe in time the supplements will help… Until then, do you have any advice from your team or our teams to help guide us on how we, as a family can help her deal with it? It’s been really tough on everyone. poor kid. Thanks again for all your amazing work! xo Melanie
  7. [1:28] Hello Jill, what you say resonates with me in my soul, but I am having a hard time feeling it in my body, especially my heart. I do believe I am light, love, source God, but I don’t feel it in my body. Light, love, source are all expansive and I feel as though I am being restricted from feeling this in my human-ness. How do I shift this feeling? – Holly

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