Welcome Message

Sept 20 2020

Some helpful info to those new to our work about how we approach it, why we do it this way and how it is fundamentally different than most other teachings, teachers, self-actualization structures.
Hello there and welcome,
I hope you are doing ok, or even great! 
So excited that our work is growing so rapidly, as more individuals realize their light is theirs, to experience, to live and to connect as, not to. 
It is an honor to be alongside you, supporting the light that you are, infinitely and here. The steps for accessing premium content always starts with logging in ~ here, then proceeding to the page/link of the premium content you are led to.  When logged in, the premium content is revealed.  If you are not logged in then you will only see the invitation to purchase.
Some client’s browsers and settings work easily with this system, while others may take some getting used to.  I’m always happy to help (send me an email, and we will get you connected, hopping on a quick call if needed).  We know that our process for premium content can work for absolutely everyone.  And we know that sometimes our status quo energy range can be soooo comfortable with where we are, that our subconscious can actually create inconvenient barriers to our accessing new, unconventionally expansive, breakthrough materials, which is what we offer, and your subconscious knows this… I see this type of inner restriction, falsely appearing as tech problems and distractions and “not now/yet” sensations, all the time. Once within the expansion waves of our work, it is delightful to look back on any initial barrier with a smile and even a laugh, soooo glad you proceeded.  
Our work is not shared as a procession ~ a linear path of this, then this, then that.  Follow your lead and consider diving into whatever stands out to you.  You don’t need all of it.  You actually don’t need any of it, for you are whole and complete, perpetually ascended, never wasn’t ascended, even if it doesn’t feel like that, often, on Earth. We offer not because you need it.  We offer because it can be incredibly helpful to have reminders, insights and key wisdom related to the true structure of ourselves and of this reality.  To remember, to live, to be, the light we are.  This unique support is especially relevant since there is so much misinformation, that makes seekers feel unwhole, incomplete, disconnected and unascended.  It can be confusing, and even frustrating.  We do what we can, to clarify and support the light that you Are. We don’t have a pyramid of wisdom with levels, pretending that at the bottom you are unenlightened and at the top you are self actualized. We aren’t selling you programs to become a healer, because we know you as a healer.  We aren’t selling you programs to connect with your team, because we know you can’t actually be disconnected from your team, because you are your team, whether you feel that and are conscious of that, or not.  We aren’t doing a hard sell, appealing to a deprived sense of self, insinuating that you need this or need that to become whole and complete because we find that dishonoring to the light you Are, the perpetually ascended energy you are, as source energy.  Your self-actualization is available from right where you are now, because beyond time|space you are, we all are, perpetually whole, complete, yet insatiably curious and therefore always also expanding, from states of perpetual wholeness.  Each premium offering has many layers, offering the newest experiencer a fresh platform of deeper self and the most savvy experiencer even deeper|timeless layers of self, of truth and of expansion.
I hope that helps. 
For now, sending love, gratitude and blessings,
Making sense of life, living and this realm.  Beyond religion, science. An updated ideology to base one’s sense of self within this reality, and beyond it.
P.S. Feel free to share this post with others you sense might be interested in the energies and info here.  The links herein can be shared without worry and will invite them to purchase for themselves the premium content we offer. 
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