September Equinox Experience

A message from Archangel Gabriel to inform, expand and hopefully inform.
We had some very interesting tech glitches today!  Feeling extremely grateful that I was led to hit record using Zoom as my normal Panasonic Lumix camera was operating fine and at some point froze… and even still showed the frozen image when I powered it off – odd. These things do happen more often than the norm with our work, especially when we are breaking beyond the boundaries of known/typical consciousness (which we definitely did in this experience). I hope you love it and my apologies for not knowing, looking into the wrong camera for the majority of the message – thank goodness looking at my face is not the priority of these lol. 
Insights from members on this experience:
N: I agree. we need to know.
Alicia: Jill I notice you are speaking out more on Instagram. Your message today is reflective of it. Leading by the example.
P: thank you, I needed to hear that.
Tami: You have reminded me that the way Light shines through the unique prism of each of our hearts is distinctively beautiful. How can we hide our Light when it could do so much good inspiring a world that is hungry for more beauty & truth.
Sara (one of our new members): I really enjoyed the message, thank you Jill! :-)
Kirsten: Thank You!! Love YOU!! XOXO K
Tami: Xoxoxo. Thank you for today. Big Love!
Eileen: You always brighten my day. You are a truth teller in a time of fear and chaos. Thank you and Archangel Gabriel. xoxo
Tiffany: Thank you Jill

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