A Soul Group of Volunteers, Waves of Light and Truth about the many sides of being human

Our remembering this unique role we play is activating, restorative and helps us be clearer, to avoid distractions, nonsense and false teachings.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hey everybody. This is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome. Welcome to today’s weekly message. I am so glad that you’re here. Sorry, I’m a few minutes late getting started. But I am delighted to be here with you. There are a lot of very unique energies at play right now. And I’m just feeling grateful for the opportunity to tap in with my team and connect with you during this time. I know Yeah, there’s just a lot going on. So anyway, I’m really glad that you’re here. Let’s just take a moment to take a deep breath here in through the nose and out through the mouth. And really on this next breath, letting yourself feel a source of light within you. We’re not pulling in light to our crown. The light of God isn’t outside of us. It’s literally the inside out. We are living example of light and we have endless choices for how we do that in this reality. Okay? Again, nice deep breath. Okay. Okay, beautiful. So the reason that I share here every week is partly for me, I love to connect with my team. And I love to hear the inspiration I love to feel the support and the love and the guidance and the truly fresh ideas that we are here to offer. In this reality there’s a lot that I don’t agree with very common commonly held spiritual teachings and spiritual truths. So anyway, that leaves me endless things to talk about in this in this situation and then the other work that I do so thank you for joining me today. Okay, so I connect with a version of myself that’s beyond this reality. And other words, most of you, I find a lot of you have had situations where you’re sharing something or you’re talking to someone and this, this wisdom comes through you that’s beyond your brain. And there’s part of you in your humaneness that as you say it, or as you write it, you’re kind of like, Whoa, that that was actually really, really good. And that didn’t come from something I know. As my humaneness. Well, I’ve learned that that’s a faucet that I have. It’s kind of like a faucet. So I go to that faucet and I turn it on. And there’s amazing information that comes through for us timeless wisdom, timeless truths. And it is scary at times for me as if you will, my human Jill when I find a lot of those truths and awareness is actually are completely at odds completely different and even disagree intensely, with a lot of the very popular teachings and enlightenment.

Spirituality and new ageism and self help and personal development. So I guess I could just kind of stay in the background and just say, Oh, I guess I disagree and not say anything but my temperament is that when I know something can work better in helping you feel a personal connection to the light of source Creator God, it tends to make me want to speak up louder. It tends to make me be persistent and even assertive. With wanting this different perspective to be heard. Again, the objective with all of it is to assist us and feeling close, personally close to the light of source Creator God. That to me is the intention of everything that a group like this is here to do. Okay, so let’s tap into what we’ve got for today. Okay. I don’t know what it is either. I don’t follow notes. I’m not following a script of any kind. It’s not like that. Okay, very good. I just sorry. There’s one thing I just want to check on. I have a meeting set up. I have a meeting set up and cuz I normally do, I used to do an online version. That was by phone too, because some of my audiences is on Facebook and what’s interesting is that, I don’t know if it’s working. So I just want to double check here. Yes, okay. I was in a different meeting. I’m so sorry for my folks. that were there. Okay. Okay. There we go. Okay, that should be good. All right. My goodness. Okay. All right. Sorry. About distraction for those of you that are on Facebook Live, but I just wanted to do my part to try to do what I said I would do. Alrighty, okay, so let’s just kind of relax here and go deeper within myself. The all that is level, the part of you that’s eternal, the part of you that’s not just here having a human experience. There’s a group that loves Earth and really loves humanity. There’s a group of souls that deeply understand what this reality was created for, and why it’s here as a very, very unique experience. A very exceptional just one of a kind place, and it’s called Earth. And some of you hop into a body suit every once in a while, I have a tickly nose, I apologize. Some of you jump into the body suit and other words, you incarnate occasionally, you don’t have to, you want to, let’s repeat that part that’s important. You don’t have to incarnate you want to incarnate. You carefully designed these human journeys, to feel the wholeness and the completeness of the love of source that you are. And yet you know, that when you incarnate into the earthly reality, it’s designed Earth is designed to forget that eternal nature.

Earth is built for forgetting that you are source creator. So even with a lot of careful planning and a lot of careful intention, there is a keen understanding that you will forget. That’s part of the part of the deal and incarnating in this reality. So while a group that a group like this is here, you tend to be, you tend to stand out in many ways. Many of you are allowing yourself to trust, the love and the light of source that you are. You are very aware of truth when you feel it. Anything in this reality that helps validate the light and the love and the validity of love that you are no matter what it may look like or not look like in this reality. It’s like a search for truth and a search for resonance. But not out of a sense of void that you’re human doesn’t know it. It’s out of a search for recognition of what your soul already knows. And it wants to celebrate that and acknowledge that and be a living example of that in this reality. Okay. So beautiful. So your ability to live at this level of truth takes a lot of discernment and a lot of careful choosing of what beliefs and what truths that you also hold on to. Because the vast majority of the truths and the beliefs that are offered in this reality are not for living the light of source. They are instead living as a forgetting of source, living as a forgetfulness that you are source creator. That doesn’t mean you’re each individually a God that means you are each a valuable and relevant aspect of the one God. Okay? So a group like this, that is wired in this way that didn’t come to earth for the experience of forgetting that you’re God, but you went against the system and you knew this and you actually incarnated to remember that you are source and remember that all life at its true origins and its true roots is also source creator. So once you remember that, once you realize that you are source eternally and here, what do you do? What do you do in a human incarnation? amidst a sea, of forgetfulness. And you remember Sorry, Anna, she’s just mentioning that it is she’s having trouble connecting to the live feed. So let me just take a little minute here and close some other things down. And maybe that will help because it may be that because I have the internet connection going on with the other stream that this one isn’t working well. So others if you could let me know if it’s tough to connect, or maybe it’s just Anna’s internet connection, I would appreciate that. If you could let me know. We have a pretty good group on here. So I’m hoping that it’s actually good for most of you. Okay, hopefully that will help That I’ve closed some other things on my computer. My hope is okay, it’s good. Okay. Thanks, Kelly. I appreciate that. And sorry, Anna, that you were having trouble. Yes, the archive. Okay, so for many they’ve in. I’m just I’m kind of tired of talking about how like the rest of the group, the rest of the world is doing it.

I really just want to talk to this group because I, it’s easy to to get kind of distracted by the other stuff. But I want to talk to you that get it, to you that already get it that you’re the light of source and everything else here is the light of source, even if it doesn’t realize that if even if it’s if it’s in a state of forgetting that, okay, what do we do once we’ve remembered? That’s where the fun can begin. And that doesn’t mean that it’s straightforward. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It doesn’t mean that the world goes your way. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden your friends and family see you. As this masterful source energy it doesn’t mean they see themselves in this way. So there are moments in this experience where it’s very easy to feel like it’s almost like I wish I didn’t know. Maybe it was easier to not know that we are source creator maybe it’s maybe it was easier to pretend that Earth as a school maybe it was easier to pretend that unfortunate or even horrible things that happened here were happening because you as a soul wanted that to happen for your growth and evolution. Which of course I think those of you that know me well enough know that I definitely don’t believe that I think that’s a horrible lie that’s being perpetuated in this reality and sadly accepted by in a strange way. I find it strange that people accept it so easily. Sorry, I’m distracted. My phone is ringing. Its ringing several times and I don’t know why. But anyway, I’m just ignoring it. Okay. Alright. So when we are, I want to say wise and discerning enough to realize who we really are, then the creation really begins, then we really feel more ownership for who and what we are in this reality. Despite the fact that we can’t control everything in our reality. We certainly can’t control other people. And we can’t control what does or doesn’t happen to us. But you you do it is it is natural in the state of awareness that we’re that I’m referring to here of of claiming your sovereignty, that it gets actually more confusing, because the choices get wider. You realize you aren’t a student sitting in class, you’re actually a fellow master to two other Ascended Masters because that is ascension. What we’ve just described, of what you’ve done in your humanity as you’ve ascended In a masterful way in a reality that was built for that not happening. Okay. So you are an Ascended Master again, in that human experience when that you do that. And it takes a lot of boldness and confidence to accept that truth and live it by your standards. Just examining the multiple ways that we can go from here and I do want to take a moment. That’s important.

What do you do when you realize that there’s nothing to fix and nothing to save in this world? What do you do when you care so much about your fellow humans, that you want to keep sharing not only your own light of source, but some of you, like our partner here are intensely passionate about helping other people restore and reconnect with their light of source creator. Because it’s filled with disappointment, Ascended Masters feeling disappointment in their fellow humans. Not getting what they get. Trying hard to, to feel worthy of the praise and the adoration and the love of their team, their higher self, of source Creator God itself. It’s hard to watch that way of living. It’s hard to witness false truths and action. Some of you are better at it than others in terms of being patient and being understanding and truly celebrating free will and having compassion for the sad effects, the unfortunate effects of mistruths or lies being lived out in someone’s life. So, viewing you as the master that you are, we wouldn’t begin to tell you how you should do that. We see you as ultimately creative and exceptionally curious and we’re asking you to use that as a Will and fire and energetic support for your continuous creation of a version of you, that feels as comfortable as you can. In this reality and that will be very individual for every single one of you. And we celebrate this individuality we love it that that’s a part of the human structure is that you are each your own one. So you get permission to use your own exceptional gifts and abilities. And not treating them like a job like you have to live them out. But just appreciating that you have them and that you brought them with you into this reality. appreciating your awareness appreciating your discernment appreciating what you know and what you know now that you didn’t know then before that allow you to take more ownership over your life. That again, that doesn’t mean that you have full authority over everything that happens in your life. But it is enough authority to create an amazing life. What you do have authority over is more than you think. And it is more than enough to create a life that you like living, or you love who you are. And loving who you are isn’t arrogant or boastful or stuck up or conceited. It’s celebrating and being grateful for the creation of you that you did as your higher self when when you were made when you were assembled and put together with all this amazing wiring that is uniquely and one of a kind you. So it’s not about being perfect. It’s not about knowing everything. It’s not about being a walk. Set of gifts. it’s about being a living example of light by your values by your standards by your passions and hopefully more and more creating a version of yourself that you like here amidst the chaos and that’s the uncertainty and this the not having a so called team telling you what to do go left go right, go forward two paces, no slow down. Right. That’s not what masters do in this reality, ask for instructions all the time from their team. You’re the master and we are treating you as such. Now, recent headlines have brought to light brought into the light. many examples not surprising to some of you but but surprising to others, but bringing into the light of litany of abuses, disrespecting fellow humans by those in power, powerful people who use fear and manipulation and control over others, to get them to do something that they would never normally say yes to, running for the door fearing for their lives, afraid of this horrible creature that’s calling itself a human. That’s real. That’s a real part of your reality. And we wish it weren’t too. There’s a lot of ways to try and explain those situations.

Why not just cut to the chase and offer you our explanation of that kind of situation? When a form of life called a human is in the midst of forgetting, and pretending that it is source creator, it does stupid, stupid things. Things that would never do as a tire stuff. It makes choices and it creates experiences for itself that are not for the love of source creator. That are for instead the curiosity of what can happen when you are forgetting that you are source Creator God. We’ve offered to Jill before and it seems to work well. It’s like toddlers running with scissors. Most of Earth is like toddlers running with scissors. And when you have an example of somebody with a large amount of power and authority over resources, including human resources, including human people, their jobs are on the line, their livelihood, they’re on the line, their dreams are on the line. A big tougher in this case running with more than scissors running with bombs in this case, I guess. It makes it more inflated it it amplifies the mayhem and the chaos and the senselessness of all of it. Okay. Now notice, we didn’t say we didn’t say it all and we just want to clarify what we did not say. We did not say that anyone that experienced that kind of abuse or harassment or manipulation, etc. that their higher self was celebrating the fact that they were having this experience because they wanted to have it as a soul that they needed to have it as a soul. We didn’t say that. And the reason we didn’t say that is because it’s not true. Okay. We also didn’t say that the abuser in this case, had an objective as their higher self to see what it’s like to manipulate and abuse other people. When you’re here forgetting that your source and your human you have a watch range of creator ability. And when you don’t know your source creator, you don’t have the values, you don’t have the principles and you don’t have the love of light in place to guide those creations. You don’t have that inner assessment tool of is this the right thing to be doing here is this honoring of my life and honoring of their life is this honoring of source creator for me to set this action in motion by what I do. So this group you here, as your higher selves, you knew there would be toddlers, toddlers running with scissors. You knew that that was part of the structure here. And you knew that there was the possibility that you may be in front of that scissors at times. And you also knew that you would have a wide range of choices for how you respond to those situations. And we’re reminding you again to please not take the situations personally, please don’t create elaborate stories of how your soul must have needed this, or how this is some karmic retribution that everyone’s as our higher self and the abuser and everyone has their higher self has been the abuse because that’s not true. It may help some people sleep at night trying to make sense of this reality, but that doesn’t make it the truth. Okay, So we’re inviting you into a space of knowing that you are source creator energy, even when you’re not sure what to do next. That you are source creator, love and light and healing, alchemy support, encouragement, compassion, Grace. No matter what you may be choosing to be in this moment or last moments, etc. You have the option in this reality of creating your version of light as you see fit. And we ask you to be very choosy about who and what you are and what you personally want to say yes to and sort of bless in your world. Some of you may find yourself being very opinionated, and even a bit judgy. And our partner we’ve shown this to her and she’s embraced her judginess. Not as something to fear be ashamed of that as an example of being very clear about who and what she is in this reality who and what she wants to be in this reality and what she doesn’t want to be in this reality, what she doesn’t want to stand for what she doesn’t even want to tolerate or accept or condone.

Okay, we’re gonna let y’all step in here. Okay. All right. I had a phone call. Don’t know why they’re coming through I have it on Do Not Disturb. It’s very strange. So, Hey guys, we’re human right and interacting with our fellow humans can be so confusing because, you know, there’s this idea in spirituality that as we grow and expand, we become multi dimensional. And I would instead offer we’ve always been multi dimensional. whether somebody has a side to them, that’s a complete jerk, a complete bitch, whatever. And then there’s other sides of them that are just absolutely lovely, and wonderful. Multi dimensionality Is that something that goes with the territory of being spiritual and enlightened and expanding your consciousness. It comes with the territory of being human. So what do we do in a situation where there’s somebody, anybody that has such amazing talent in some areas of their life, but then there’s other areas where we don’t agree with our behavior and don’t condone their behavior at all, and I’m not going to pretend I have an answer because I don’t. I’ll never you know, there’s I love I do find it helpful sometimes to tell stories. I was an intern at the Idaho State Department of Commerce in the summer of probably 1992. And I was working with three other interns interns at that upper college level we tend to be pretty type A, pretty overachiever. You know, we just we take ourselves seriously, we want to make a difference in the world and we’re going at it through like business and things like that. So in one instance, one of the women interns that was in this in we shared a space me and the other three women.

It just happened to be for women. Anyway, doesn’t matter. We would, you know, have time to kind of chat about our lives and things like that. And I can’t remember how it came up, but one of the women was dating somebody that was quite, I want to say privileged, I guess I hate that word. I don’t like that word. So I’m not going to use it. Um, it was she was dating the son of a state senator. And that son, this young man, also in his 20s was really close friends with a male friend of mine. And somehow it came up that the son of the senator was cheating on this fellow intern, and the rest of the ladies and I would just be like, he’s cheating on you. I mean, like, wait a minute, what? And I can’t remember, but all of us were just convinced that he actually was cheating on her. So I remember saying to my male friend, that was friends with this son of the senator. I was like, how can you be friends with him? I mean, he’s cheating on his girlfriend. I mean, what what are you doing and it was really interesting because my friend was just looking at me like is he, I mean, it was kind of like he wasn’t surprised, but he was surprised that I was like calling him out on it and he was like I’m just this friend, what? I’m not cheating on my girlfriend. What does this have to do with me? And I was I was kind of shocked I was kind of disappointed I have very as you can tell kind of conventional and maybe traditional old fashioned values. I don’t know. I it wasn’t an open relationship from her standpoint. So she wasn’t okay with it. And I wasn’t okay with it like on her behalf. So, it was just a weird situation of, of like, what did I expect my male friends to do about it? I mean, should did I expect that he would just be like, Oh, you know, I can’t be friends with you anymore because you cheat on your girlfriend and I don’t that’s not what I would do. So I can’t be I can’t hang out with you can’t be friends with you. And I mean, I have had a friend confide in me that she was cheating on her husband and I didn’t like it. And I think I said to her, I have such a hard time with this. And I can’t remember I think she told me that he knew about it and he didn’t like it, but he was okay with it. But I definitely was like, wow, I really like I felt like I couldn’t look at her the same way. Yeah, isn’t that strange? Maybe it’s not so strange, but and I’m just being very vulnerable here showing this way that I am me. But there are situations where somebody that you are close to that any of us are close to that the side of them that we see is fine. You know what I mean? Like a we like the version of them that we get in this friendship or in this business relationship or this, you know, professional partnership arrangement, but then we may see for ourselves. Or hear about other layers of them and other facets of their life where we don’t agree with it.

There, you know, there isn’t a right answer there. Right. And I feel like a lot of us just know, well, I know what I would do. But would you really do that? And it I feel like it is kind of a case by case basis, because there are some things that just for each of us is like, okay, that’s a that’s a line in the sand that that no one that I want to be friends with will cross that line, right. So we each kind of have a different line of what that is. And it’s not about expecting people to be perfect. So I realize I’m probably contradicting myself here. Because I don’t expect perfection in myself and I don’t expect it in other people. And yet, there are some things I’m just like, Oh, right. So in the case of the latest headline regarding Harvey Weinstein, and This, all these people in the entertainment industry that supposedly knew, or some people are like, how could they not have known or they knew that they knew what was going on. And they didn’t say anything, or they did say something, but they still made it. Okay. They overlooked it for the sake of many reasons. It’s just if you’re waiting for me to get to some brilliant conclusion, I don’t know if I will just heads up on that because this, this is something that I’m actually personally kind of like deliberating with my team about like, there’s, there’s got to be like a really clean answer here. But I guess the biggest conclusion I have from all of this, as my own expanded self is there’s a lot of people that I know personally or that I know through their work, whether it’s an actor that I admire or something like that, that I love the idea of them. But if I actually knew all sides of them, I would probably be disappointed. And does that mean that they’re a hypocrite? Does that mean that they are? Like not authentic doesn’t mean that they’re fragmented doesn’t mean that they’re a lie and a cheat, right? It’s just, humanity is just so many contradictions in and of ourselves. And I’ve spoken before about, you know, just, you know, I don’t want to go and repeat things I’ve said before, but there are situations where we know of somebody we’ve heard of somebody that just has a horrible side to who and what they are, and yet a side that they show like their loved one is just so lovely. And so and then when they hear that they did some horrible. If something comes out to light, they’re like, No, really. I mean, like, that doesn’t sound like them. Right? And it’s not that they were blind to it, they really couldn’t see or wouldn’t see, or that person may have been really savvy and not showing not revealing those other sides of them. They may have been intelligent enough in the ego, which is the storyteller to carefully separate their layers, so that their inner circle of those that they need in their life weren’t affected by the toxic layers of who and what they are. Yeah, it’s interesting, isn’t it? So the idea of Harvey Weinstein like coming back after treatment or whatever, I mean, I’m so glad I’m not in that industry. You guys. I can’t even imagine what that’s like. For those, you know, the, the Ben Affleck’s and the Matt Damon’s and the going Petros and you know, I want to like Ben Affleck. I admit it. I want to like Matt Damon. I just I love their story of how they came up with Good Will Hunting and how and it turned out it was Harvey Weinstein that that said yes, he was doing more indie projects, independent projects then, and he was instrumental and having them get that movie made. I loved that movie, good bow hunting. And Harvey had an eye for that stuff of what would what would be marketable and, you know, being an exceptional producer, apparently. And yet, all these other sides of his behavior are obviously just like, WTF seriously, dude, like, No, you don’t need treatment, you need jail, you need jail time for this. And just the litany and never ending stories of those that were affected by him and others like him that abused their power in that industry. And of course, it’s not just that industry. It’s all over and there’s this whole hashtag MeToo. campaign that’s coming out and you know, people revealing their personal experiences or at least that had happened to them.

It’s endless. It’s just so like, what do we do with this now? Right? What do we do with this? And there isn’t one answer is there but I do know that even Yeah, that’s true. Even my pre cosmic Jill, right? in 1992, I knew that I didn’t like and that I wasn’t okay. With this idea of this woman that I was was becoming a friend of mine. I didn’t like what her boyfriend was doing and I also was kind of like, are you okay with this? I mean, are you gonna Are you gonna leave him I mean, if he cheated before will achieve again. But I didn’t know her that I know I knew her only through her work. So it’s very I don’t know if I got married, I don’t know if they have kids. Now, I don’t know if this they just made this work for each of them that we It’s not that I don’t want to say we each have our own journey and that we each have our crosses to bear. It’s not I obviously don’t believe in believe in that. But we each have a level of acceptance for bad behavior that is different for each one of us. And for some people, it may be a step up from some previous relationship that they have. So I don’t know. I don’t know. But I do know that we all have far more choices than we realize, and what we say yes to in our personal lives and what we don’t say yes to. And I wish that Earth was a safer place, that there weren’t toddlers running with scissors, and that we could feel safe here. Now, to switch gears just slightly I don’t I don’t enjoy bashing other spiritual teachings and truths, just for the sake of saying it’s wrong. I say it because it doesn’t work. Okay? It breaks my heart, when I’m in a private session with somebody, or I’m doing one of my online classes or, you know, whatever, and I’m interacting with people that have had something bad happened to them. And they’re operating from the truth that they’ve created this, that it must be something that they’re so wanted them to work on. They’re afraid because something bad happened in their lives. And those teachings have them in I want to say a bubble or a thought construct, okay, it has them in an energy pattern of I wasn’t safe before. And if I don’t get this shit straightened out, I’m not going to be safe again. Right. So that’s one layer of how it’s messed up the other layer of how it’s messed up is that they feel that if they just fix that part, if they just restore wholeness and that facet of themselves that created the negative situation to the horrible event, then it won’t happen again. You see, and that’s a lie too. Because this earth is like being surrounded by toddlers with scissors. So the false teaching that you’ve created your reality, and if something bad happens, then once you fix yourself so that you’re not creating those situations again, lies to you. Because the next time there’s a different form of the toddler running at you, with scissors and you get in their way. It will send you reeling back into the Oh, no, I’m not there yet. I’m not whole and complete. I’m not evolved. I haven’t learned this lesson. And it is another way of saying I’m being punished by my higher self. I’m being punished by God. I must deserve that. Because I didn’t learn this lesson yet. And what do you do? I know what I do. I know what I do. I give them a really big hug. And I say that that’s not real. That’s not true that you deserve this. That was a tumbler that was like a toddler running with scissors. And that happens all the time here. So I know that there’s part of our psyche that would actually prefer it. That if we get enough of our evolution and enlightenment on board, then bad things won’t happen to us. I get that. I totally love that storyline. The idea of that storyline is just so good and so attractive, right? Yes, it is, right. But that doesn’t mean it’s true. And it doesn’t adequately explain the true nature of this reality, okay. Alrighty. So that’s why, that’s why it seems like I’m bashing truths and, you know, ridiculing other teachings and things like that it’s not because I’m being mean, it’s because I see, I see as my higher self and I see as my Jill that they don’t work with the goal of what works being helps you feel the love of source creator God that is available to all life here that helps you feel personally loved unconditionally. No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter what What is happening to you, no matter what you are causing to happen, for the things that you can cause to happen. Anything that puts itself between you and feeling the love of source and knowing that you’re loved by source, but you haven’t earned it yet, or you don’t know enough yet or you’re not doing it right. I’m going to have a problem with I keep, I keep reminding myself of that with all the time on social media, etc. There’s just constant reminders of, of why I have a problem with things. So, yeah. All right. We went longer than I thought we would, but I love what we covered today. I may change things up next week and not do Facebook Live. I may do everything on zoom. I’m opinionated as you know, and I don’t like the chatting while I’m talking and, and I know that’s just me, I just don’t. I feel like it really disrupts the vibe of what I’m trying to offer. In a really soulful, reunifying experience of helping you feel the love of God that you are. And I remember Gosh, in 2010 when I started doing was it 2010 maybe 2011 when I started doing blog talk radio, they had a chat room option and I turned it off quickly, because it felt rude. It felt like somebody talking on their phone or talking to themselves while I was sharing something and yes, I’m here to share to be heard so if somebody doesn’t want to listen to me then why are they here? So that’s just me. Okay. All right. I love you guys. The Ascension codes is out I highly recommend you take a look at it jillreneefeeler.com/ascensioncodes all one word And there’s lots of other free videos and free things for you to listen to, if you are trying to figure out your way and how you want to do this and how you want to be you in this reality, okay? And I cheer you on in finding, not finding, creating, exploring, being curious about other ways to work with your you, your human, so that you can feel the gloriousness of who and what you are so that you can stop feeling personally responsible, personally responsible for other people’s bad behavior, or feeling personally responsible for negative things that happen to you in this world. Okay, we, we can step out of that ridiculousness, to really step into a version of ourselves that we feel more authority for, that we feel our creative energies and we feel past It about creating that that living light and just just consistently being curious about what that can feel like and what that can look like, from the from the light, you know transmitting from the inside out. Okay? Alrighty. Okay. Let’s see I think that’s it. I’m tempted to sing. But then I’m like I don’t want to sing today. I won’t sing today. Love you guys. Thank you so much for everything that you are. I celebrate you and the light that you are the uniqueness, the individuated expression of source creator that you are. And I love cheering you on and celebrating that and I won’t help you fight. I won’t help you protect teachings that are holding you back from doing that I won’t. I love you enough to point out where I see in my gifts and abilities, where certain truths and beliefs that you are holding or that this world are holding are holding us back from being that divine expression of source creator that we are. Okay, so bye bye for now. Sending you love and blessings and appreciation. I love you so much and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.