Message from Jesus and the team Taking Our Light and ourselves Seriously

We hear from the team including Jesus on the value of taking ourselves and our light seriously.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hello, everybody, my name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to this week’s message. I am so excited that you’re here. We’re doing things a little differently. This week, I have been doing Facebook Live for probably six months with the weekly messages. And for this week, I felt led to switch over to zoom and everyone’s really just kind of like it will change things up a little bit and hopefully the zoom experience goes well I know. This is so fun. I have a friend/client that told me that she likes to listen while she’s at work and when I’m on Facebook Live it is it’s harder for her to when we had the phone in opportunity to dial into the call. So it was thank you to you. I don’t want to out her those listening at work. But anyway, you know who you are and thank you for that prompt because I definitely have there’s quite a few of us that will not a lot of us, but there are some of us that are not on Facebook. So having that phone option is so helpful to a lot of you and I’m very appreciative of that opportunity to share that with you. So that you don’t have to be on Facebook to share to join us live.

So let’s take a couple minutes and just take a nice breath. Oh my gosh, I got to center myself to take a nice breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, please. Okay, And while you’re right here, I just encourage you to feel a warmth within your heart. A sense of love and light that comes from beyond this reality that you tend to embody on your on your best days. You feel so loving and so kind and so caring towards other people. Let’s bring those vibrations up to the surface and let’s let that love give our brain a kiss and give our bodies a blessing and letting us feel the support of source creator of the all that is appreciating us in our humaneness, seeing us, hearing us, recognizing us as our soul signature and also as our humaneness that they aren’t as far apart as our brains may imagine. That’s a wonderful start. Okay, so if you haven’t opened your eyes yet, you’re welcome to open your eyes, or you don’t have to. What we’re going to be talking about today is a message from the team including Jesus is the one that kind of piped in with this idea about taking ourselves seriously. It is so common that I hear in my private session work that somebody it’s like they want to recognize that they have a lot of mastery they they feel that there is a lot of access that they have to the all that is, but then they’re kind of like that is that is that is what I’m feeling real. Because this world is seeing me as a very normal person.

My loved ones Jill, can’t even see me is what they say. So, let’s just go right there. Okay. The reason that we wanted to talk about this today about taking yourself seriously, is that some of you are waiting. You’re waiting for some, some sort of monumental big event or big aha moment for you to realize that it’s like, it’s time like this, like the starting starting nell went off and let’s say, Okay, let’s go. That starting Bell, from my perspective started the moment that you said yes to having a human incarnation and I completely appreciate that in this human experience. It is it has you feel. And there’s a lot of ways that this world does a really good job at kind of putting you on the kind of sports bench where you’re not at bat. You’re sitting on the sidelines and you’re waiting to be taken seriously. So you arrive into this reality with all of this light and all of this love and a lot of dreams and aspirations and then through your childhood. There are many experiences in this reality that basically tell you to push and let the experts talk or let the let the adults talk. So you immediate get out of habit of taking yourself seriously. There are some instances for very few people, that this world ends up noticing you and taking you by the hand and saying, Hey, we want to hear from you. We want to see more of you. And humanity is enchanted by those individuals, the ones that were called up by their fellow humans to the stage, were enamored by their star quality by their charisma by whatever experience or magic about them, led them to be noticed by this world. But this world doesn’t notice everybody and as Jesus it definitely didn’t. Didn’t notice me. My mother noticed me. Thanks, Mom. Mother Mary’s like, you are welcome. That was easy. I signed up for that. So I know a lot about this world not noticing you. And know history would tell it as everyone knew me that I was famous for all the right reasons that everyone was talking about Jesus. But that’s not how I remember it. I remember it as feeling very rebellious and isolated and sort of left out, not left out in a victimized me sort of way, but in an observational way, that what I was embodying as a pioneer and ascended master, owning and claiming the light of source within me within my humaneness that that wasn’t going over well, with a lot of people. It was disruptive. It was confusing. It was unsettling to some and I’m just encouraging you in this moment to reflect How you may feel that way. I know. I know. So any layers within you that are looking at those that have created, if you will, a stage or a platform or a venue for their eternal light for their soulfulness that there you can see it in them. They’re, they’re living it. They’re making it like an every day. Merge between their eternal energy and their human energy. The part of you that’s looking at that saying, I want that, your brain has come up with some rationalizations about what’s different about them that you don’t have And all of them are false, every single one of them. So please just reflect for a moment on what your list is, of what you’re missing, that that other person has. That you want, or that you wish you had. Just consider it for a moment, maybe a short less two or three things possibly. We’ll pause here to give you a moment for this, your beautiful brain to chime in, Do you have your list? will offer up the most common ones that we see and it can be meant to be like this. I’m not being called up as my light, because I don’t have dialogue with my team and clearly this person, he or she, they have dialogue with their team. And that’s why I can hear them.

That’s why other people can hear them. They know what they’re doing they because they have dialogue with their team. But I see your light and I see your love. And I see your fully activated heart, there’s actually no further activations that you need. So what I see is a whole and complete light that your team your higher self, your soul signature energy is absolutely delighted by and I see that that light is currently placed into your incarnation in a world That doesn’t have the wiring to see you to really see how do you explain those that those that are seen those that for various reasons that maybe mystifying, completely mysterious? Why are they saying we would say to your brain, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Because if you are feeling like a racehorse at the gates ready to run on that track, like a natural thoroughbred just ready to run and just wanting those gates to open. If that’s you, you may need to call yourself up. Because if you don’t see your light, and if you don’t take it seriously, then the chances of anyone else or everyone else in this reality taking you seriously, are very, very slim. So the beautiful human mind gets it backwards and upside down quite a lot. And this is a classic case of that. The human brain, in many of your instances, has come up with some sort of a really fancy elaborate criteria system for when you’re ready. When those gates will open for you is when you fix this resolve that acquire that gift acquire that skill, like so and so has, your brain will keep that gate shut the entire time. Because your brain doesn’t know what it’s looking for. Your human brain is fascinated by what it learns and by what it helps you acquire in this lifetime because that’s all it knows. All your brain just a slight exaggeration and we’re okay with that. What your brain is primarily focused on is the knowledge, the facts, the figures, the experiences, the awarenesses that it has helped you with. So it has a really hard time seeing the eternal energy that you brought in with you into this reality, which includes your light which includes your soulfulness which includes all the natural magical soulful ways that you are you even your brain got that A lot of brains out there, just go. Oh, so it’s like, I can’t see what my butt looks like, here that’s only in front of me. That’s right. That’s right. You need special equipment. You need the cosmic vision of your higher self, maybe even without the dialogue, most likely without the dialogue. So we’ve been taking you seriously from the moment you created your human in order to have this human incarnation. That’s when we started taking you seriously and then in the human body suit with all that fancy, sophisticated and confusing equipment. It’s forgotten about why you deserve to be taken seriously as the force of Love the force of light that you are in your humaneness. So we just had a visual of all those gates in a horse race, magically opening and your brain saying no, wait, we’re not ready. But it’s too late because the light is already running at full speed. With no construction, there’s not a saddle. There’s not a bridle. There’s no jockey with a whip. There’s just you and the land beneath your feet. Feeling so perfect. That no one is stopping you. You’re just running at your pace at your rhythm. So when the layers of doubt and insecurity or overachiever personalities come in, just watch out for those. Watch out for the parts of you those sweet voices within you, or maybe not so sweet. That’s how you you’re not ready, that you don’t deserve to be taken seriously, that you’re not as good as so and so. Our best response for you in that situation because we know that happens and it happened to me as Jesus I looked right at it. And I gave it off. Because I appreciated that those parts of me a part of my human experience. Those are the sign of avoid at my soul level. They’re a sign of my experiencing humanity. And they’re not something that you have to fix and they’re not something that you have to solve. They’re not something that you have to clear.

They can also be viewed as simply something to acknowledge and love within yourself. In other words, those insecurities and those doubts may never go away. And that doesn’t mean that you’re not ready. But doesn’t mean that you aren’t born to run. That doesn’t mean that you’re not whole and complete and utterly divine, Sacred Light of God and that you always have been and that you always will be. And yes, there will be those quirky, quirky human layers intermingled in with them. But they don’t have to be a barrier. There don’t have to be a gatekeeper for you. You can create a version of yourself that harmoniously and joyfully allows the light of source that you are to be fully expressed, fully experienced within your field while just letting your brain be confused about that or misunderstanding it. So don’t ask the brain to do something that it’s not wired to do. Some of you have experiences where the people that are closest to you don’t see you as this expanded, enlightened, enlightened master in human form. I’m asking you to even be okay with that. That’s the painful part that was in it. And it’s confusing, like downright confusing to your brain. Because your brain is saying well if I literally was like an undeniable like force of light and love in this reality then surely the people that are closest to me would see that and would be celebrating that with me and cheering me on ago. Oh my gosh, you’re so amazing. Nope. Free will, a wide range of consciousnesses available in this reality and a lot of other factors lead to not everybody seeing you the way that you see yourself. So rather than get angry at yourself or disappointed in yourself because these loved ones can’t see you and rather than get angry or bitter at them because they can’t see you just drop the expectation and amplify the importance of using yourself. of you allowing yourself to be at this expanded level in ways that you feel good about that you care about. That may not be Be around these loved ones that for whatever reason can’t see you. Not everybody’s ready for the galactically yummy version of you. But it feels really good to find some people that are. I feel so good in this reality to feel seen as fully as they’re capable of seeing and in a way where you feel the acknowledgement of your light being observed by another human in this reality, there’s something very special about that. It is unique that that doesn’t, it doesn’t it doesn’t detract from the importance of it. It doesn’t matter how many in this case are seeing your light. Even just one can feel so validating and so special, so affirming for the layers of you that made out. So in the parts of you that are so passionate about certain things or certain projects that you’ve wanted to do your whole life or even just adding more of that galactically cosmic yummy version of you to, like experimenting with adding it to the different ways that you are you remember, you’re already that horse out on the track. Or if you don’t like lanes, then you can just be out in the field, running wherever, wherever suits your fancy. When you decide when you claim that eternal light as yours, you can create your own structure, you create it, so don’t look for it. Don’t, don’t go trying to find it, make it through trial and error. In other words, whether it’s a day job or a certain relationship or a certain experience that you love to have and make in this world it’s like asking yourself, what if I really turned up the light? What if I listened to that one message that Jill did with her team and Jesus, and I let myself feel again, like that amazing horse just Born to Run? What if I let myself operate with those vibrations on board in whatever this project is or that day job or whatever, what if I just try that out and see how that feels. Even if no one else notices you will probably notice what’s more alive you feel how much more joyful you feel, how much more on purpose you feel in those experiences. And we’ll be watching and we’ll be applauding you. Because it’s always a breakthrough when you give yourself permission to bring more light into your humaneness for the best reason ever, for no reason at all.

You don’t need a reason to be the light of source that you are eternally and in your humaneness. Okay, so I led as Jill here to, to share in a very pragmatic way what my everyday life is like, okay? So whether it’s doing sessions or teaching class classes or doing things like this or doing interviews or appearances or planning trips or doing trips. I can feel the gear shift when I’m doing this work. I can feel that kind of like oh, we’re in the fast lane now. And then maybe my kids get home from school or my husband gets home from work. My mom calls or I go visit my family, my my parents and my great nephew or something like that. I can feel the gearshift there. So they’re not, They don’t look at me as galactic yummy, Jill, they look at me how they want to look at me, right? And that’s I, I can’t change that even if I wanted to. And I’m okay with it. I have created a version of me that I like with all of these people in my life. So I’m not demanding that they see me in my galactic cosmically yummy version of Jill. My kids signed up for me to be their mom. And they in many ways have been choosing a very normal life. I see them as exceptional. I hope every parent sees their child as exceptional. And I definitely have my, my data points of their connectedness and their ability to connect and demonstrate their soulfulness on this reality. And I also witness them choosing to be quite normal, everyday fitting in parents that do normal jobs, not jobs like this kind of young people. That’s not a problem. That’s not a problem for me. It’s not a problem for their higher selves. I’m not disappointed in anyone that embraces a more conventional, traditional human experience. I’m not, and I’m not disappointed. Jesus just said that’s a lie. That’s true. Okay, I was about to say I’m not disappointed when they can’t see me or when they’re choosing not to see me in my expanded vibration because I’m so excited about everybody’s expanded vibration. So rather than be disappointed all the time, I’ve adjusted my expectations. I lowered my expectations about what anyone in this world will choose to see in me including my family. I allow an embrace the ways that my family loves me. And I’m okay with the fact if it doesn’t include this wider range of Jill. In a lot of ways, I would love it if they did. We’re doing just fine with the way things are. Okay, okay. All right. Yeah, because I definitely feel this this expectation that some people have of my family doesn’t see me but surely Jill’s family sees her. No, not necessarily and the good thing is they don’t have to. They really don’t have to. Okay. When I take myself seriously, other people tend to offer me more I want to say respect and latitude for being a pioneer being unconventional. redefining myself, transforming my ways, changing my mind about things, etc. Because of the permission I’ve given myself, to have that authority over who and what I am in this world versus needing someone else to approve it, or acknowledge it has a multiple positive outcome. People sense when you take yourself seriously, and it helps invite them into a space of taking you more seriously. That’s a major like upside to taking yourself seriously.

There’s another one that may surprise you. When you take yourself more seriously, you are at a closer vibrational range to that of your higher self and your team and when you do that, you’re allowing yourself access to more of the eternally loving, soulful vibrations and energies of you have source of the all that is placed into a perfectly designed package known as you one of a kind, completely individual, custom made you I feel like that’s a common objective for all of us. We want to feel more of that light within ourselves. We would love to have more evidence for our brain to take ourselves more seriously. But this entire message is about not waiting for your brain, not waiting for your mind to decide if you deserve to be taken seriously or not, that you claim it as yours, which it has been all along. So if you’re just deciding right now to take yourself seriously, you’re not behind, you’re not laid for anything. Again, your higher self has not been disappointed in you. But you may have been disappointed in yourself. Because the standards of what your brain has helped you decide what you’re looking for, have been askew, or distorted or just flat out wrong. Creating a version of you that you like or even love, even in the tough times, even when the world is not going your way. Jesus knows something about that too, doesn’t he? That’s a worthy pursuit of your light applied here. Because when you are feeling like you’re not ready, you may not recognize this, but you’re actually holding back just like that racehorse behind the gate. You’re holding back on a version of love that will take you over in all the right ways. Where your mind can be a distant voice in the background saying, But wait, wait, wait, we don’t know that yet. We don’t know everything. We haven’t fixed this part of us yet. The Love is just so big that you don’t care that you don’t care about those things. That all you want to do is love. Not just that, that little, that little voice. Let’s try to be a little a little militant about how you how you be an enlightened person on this reality that also wants to just be this loving being in this reality, because it just feels good. When you unleash that it’s hard to go back. And why would you want to know practicalities, right? That love in this reality is amazing and divine and it’s not it’s not advised to pretend that you will get that love in that purity, that pure vibration back for you.

The positive thing is that when you are allowing this amazing eternal love into your field more and more, you’re less dependent on somebody else’ love being perfect but as your sister in this reality I’m highly encouraging you to be very aware of those that are disrespecting you and your energy field and that it is not low vibe to want to be choosy. about who and what you’re around or what you’ll accept as behavior or attitude from another person. Because this is Earth and they are not a mirror for you. They’re just doing the best they can with what they know. And oftentimes they they don’t know the same things that we know or they know different things that may not be leading them to be as loving and respectful of their fellow humans. So to be savvy about being your light, and to be wise about being your light on Earth, is a wonderful again, aspect of your creating a version of you, that you like that you love that you feel okay about, even when you’re saying I don’t like your attitude with me. The way you said that right there, I felt very disrespected. And I deserve better than that. So by turn around and walk away, even if it’s a family member, right, that you know where that boundary is, you’ve created a boundary of an area of that doesn’t feel loving and kind. I wouldn’t treat someone that way. And I’m pretty sure I deserve to be treated better than what I’m being treated as right now. Whether it’s a customer service person on the phone, or handy, handy man or woman doing work on your house, a roofer, whatever, a dog groomer, whoever, a neighbor, a boss, a colleague, an employee, I mean, think about the humans that we interact with on an everyday basis that may have gotten in the habit of disrespecting you. So that line being set if they don’t know enough to set a line of decency and loving behavior. It may be up to you. If you’re not okay with the way that they’re treating you, it will more than likely be up to you to set the boundary. I know it’s uncomfortable. A lot of us are very uncomfortable with confrontation, and it feels confrontational to do that. But when you are taking your light seriously and taking yourself seriously, it’s a very valuable and important protocol to sort of set up and it may be different with every person. There may be some people that that you give them more of a pass and another person that’s up to you, that’s this. This is this is you that we’re talking about. So you get to set the boundaries and the limits and when you say something, and when you down Whether you’re more comfortable writing it down and passing a note, right, you get to create the system because that’s your life. But when you take yourself seriously, you want to be treated in a respectful and loving manner in this reality, and we can’t control other people, we can only control ourselves. So that may give you more motivation and inspiration for the people that you do interact with on a regular everyday basis, that you establish some boundaries there that you create some boundaries and you explore and see how they feel. Like a version of you that you love, right? Even if that loving part of you is confrontational, if you feel led to be and bold and assertive, you can still do that in a loving way. Jesus said, for sure, even when he was throwing up tables in the temple.

That sitting right there. Yes, it was certainly got the attention of a lot of people. Okay. Feel so good, you guys. I like this zoom thing. Let me know in the comments if you if you liked it if you if you like the zoom, the zoom experience let’s see what other kind of announcements do I have? The Zion Platinum Age retreat is coming up quickly and I’m so excited. Registration is now closed and I am so excited for the group of us that are doing that. For those of you that have that have we’ve been hanging out long enough, you may remember that when we do these Platinum age retreats it others can feel it so even if you’re not joining us, I wouldn’t be surprised if from November 1 through the 4 you feel like The sort of vibration because it’s not just that group of us in Zion, that are getting together there is a beautiful collective kind of fabric and grid that connects us all. And when we to get together for purposes of, of turning up the light and celebrating the light of source within within our human experience, ah, it like charges, like raises the charge level in the field. And lots of people can feel it and that’s so fun. It’s a it’s a really fun part of the experience. Let’s see what else is going on. We have registration is still open for the Egypt and Petra journey February 3 through February 14. I’m so excited about that one too. I love to travel and I love to travel with you guys. And I love to meet you in person. Yeah, that’s good. The other thing going on right now is the ascension codes online class. There’s a lot of our classes and the ascension codes is the newest in the in the treasure chest, if you will of work that I do with my team. So the ascension codes is on my website at all one word and that one, we do have a bonus live call coming up on November 11. That if you set up before November 11, then you’d be able to join that call that material and the ascension codes is very unique. Jesus is like do you want to tell them the story? I think I do want to tell the story. Okay, so the materials had been posted for a couple days and I got an email from somebody that’s newer to my work. And let’s pretend it’s a female. Let’s pretend her name is Amelia. Okay, I just like to keep things confidential for some reason. You guys are free to share your experiences with my work but me sharing your experiences of my work unless I have your permission to feel slightly uncomfortable for me. Feels like crossing a boundary. So Amelia sent me an email and said, this is kind of it’s like, I don’t want this to be misunderstood. So That’s true. Thank you. Okay. So they emailed me and they said something to the effect of, is it normal to like, feel sick? Listening to the essential coast materials? Yeah and I’m reading the email going, no, it’s not normal, but I felt into energy and I said, Can we just talk on the phone? So what I was in, luckily, she said, Yeah, so we were able to have a live call.

Just impromptu that afternoon. I created like 10 minutes for us to chat. So what I was feeling from the message and from connecting with them is that they had been in habit and this was All confirmed in that phone call. They’d been in habit of not wanting to feel responsible for their light and their love, and maybe even their human experience. They wanted to have someone else feel responsible. So they gotten in the habit of working with spiritual messengers or enlightenment coaches or you know, teachers quote, unquote, whatever that held that authority to themselves. It’s like, in we all know that type of that type of teacher leader is, I’m the one who has the wisdom. You just follow me and you’ll be fine. You don’t even have to think for yourself. I’ll tell you what’s going on. I’ll tell you what to think. I’ll tell you what to do. And you just follow me and everything’s going to be okay. And this person, Amelia, I could tell that she also was looking for teachers or messengers. I’m not too, so many of you get hung up on the word teacher, I don’t think of it as teacher student, I think of it as teacher, fellow teacher and that we’re all simultaneously teachers and then we’re all simultaneously students, okay, because I don’t know everything. But there’s, there’s things I do know. And I’m willing to say I know it to offer it. And I hope that everybody does that with what they know. So the other kind of habit was that she was very focused on working with teachers that would tell her, everything’s going to be okay. And I really wish in a lot of ways that Earth was a reality. I wish it because we’re here, right where it was true. That we’re all going to be okay. It’s okay. Good boy. Feeling protective. That’s all right, good boy. that Earth is not like that. And it would be dishonest and irresponsible for me to pretend that Earth is a place where it’s always going to be okay. Where it’s always going to feel like it’s getting better, and that everything is going to be fine. The mortality rate of humanity is 100%. that alone is like a harsh truth to some of our softer, fragile, insecure layers that don’t even want to think about our own mortality. And yet, it’s 100% certain that it’s going to happen at some point in time. So, my work is different. And what we said to Amelia something to the effect of you’re stronger than you realize. I apologize. I’m gonna put Samson outside. Boundary enforcement right there. Okay. So what we said to Amelia, something to the effect of your light is stronger than you realize, and you may never know it.

If you are only in environments where you are looking for somebody to tell you everything’s going to be okay. Where you are handing over your authority for your life because you don’t trust yourself. Maybe there is no number Three that’s about it, isn’t it? And she heard me. She said, You’re exactly right. So she decided to plug along through the ascension codes. And I haven’t heard another update. But I think when I spoken to her again, she had gotten through some of it, and she was taking it slow. It’s an adjustment to be treated as the masters that we are. I’m here to help us hold our light within ourselves, the light of God, that we each are that all life is as responsible and hopefully as joyful of a manner as we create for ourselves without the need for delusion that this world is a perfect place, or that everything is going to be okay. When we know it’s not, we know everything’s not okay. Why pretend that it is? That’s not necessary to be enlightened. It actually diminishes the level of light within by being in a state of denial. By creating an illusory world, is it illusory or illusionary? I want to say illusory, illusory world where you are spending and creating energy for pretending that bad things don’t happen to good people. It’s okay Sam, we’re sending you love, you’re ok ok, so in the ascension codes and and all the work that we do, but I think especially the ascension codes, and maybe the Outwitting Wetiko series is another kind of grouping of very unusual Enlightenment materials that treat us as the Masters that we are, that are reminding us how to hold our light strongly and firmly. And face facts. And in the ascension codes, we in this oh my gosh, I in the ascension codes, we actually go into the afterlife process, we go into the life review process. We go right into all of that, for the purpose of helping us live our light now. And I am just so delighted at the depth that we went into the range that we went into, I mean, we didn’t leave anything out. And I just absolutely I’m so overjoyed that we did it. And yeah, it’s just, so even if you can resonate with Amelia and you’re like, no, I like to be told everything’s going to be okay. I completely honor your decision I really do and as your sister in this reality, I’m just like seriously and I mean like you may never know how strong your light can be. If you continue on that path of wanting to like not see what’s what really is going on in this world. Not seeing it doesn’t pretend it isn’t, doesn’t make it not there. That’s happening, whether you look at it or not and it’s not a mirror for you. And it’s not something you need to fix yourself. It just is. OK, so for anyone that is curious about how strong your light can be in this reality and wanting to kind of rip the band aid off of some misunderstood sort of enlightenment practices, and maybe even false teachings that feel like they feel like they put you in a position the teachings feel like the teachings put you in a position of not owning, not claiming, not deserving, not having full authority and ownership over the light of source Creator God that you are that you have been and that you always will be. that class, if that’s you, if that’s what you’re interested in. Okay, and, yeah, okay. So check it out. If you’re interested. I’m not pushing, I’m just offering and it is amazing material. So there you go. All right. Okay, that feels like a wrap. I will say goodbye for today, and I’ll be back next week and we’ll do the zoom call again. I actually think that all these links that you use to get here today will be the same every week.

I think if the way I set up the zoom recurring meeting is correct. And I will create a video from the the video I’m creating here from zoom, I’ll post on YouTube, you can find all the videos on YouTube, not the ones that are for paying like Ascension codes, but the the free gifted ones are all on YouTube. They’re all on iTunes, and you can find them on social media as well. Okay. I love you guys so much. And I hope you appreciate being treated and respected as the fellow master light that you are. That’s what gets me excited about this work and what we’re doing here we’re really raising the level and pumping things up in terms of what it means to be the light of source here as the masters that we are. Okay, I love you. Bye bye for now.