Jesus and His Inner Compass

How we unintentionally create divide between ourselves and others who also love Jesus.

This is a transcription of a podcast message.

Hello everyone. My name is Jill Renee Feeler and welcome to this week’s message. I love to share resources and insights and hopefully wisdom that help you feel closer to source Creator God within yourself, helping you live a more confident life and helping you feel more free and more liberated to be a version of yourself that you’ve dreamed about. Our brains are very illiquid, getting us to that version of ourselves. And it isn’t something that we find. It’s something that we create. And there’s so much misinformation in this reality about us truly being this pretty miraculous version of ourselves. So when we see it in this world, we get really enchanted by it. But what I’m most excited about is your most amazing version of you. And I love you just the way you are And when I talk to you guys in private sessions and that events, I always hear about, you know, it’s not that you don’t want yourself where you’re like, oh, but you haven’t seen anything yet. And that’s the part I get excited, excited about, because that’s what takes humanity to another level of reality, that that’s what allows humanity to take that leap forward. And I want to see your leap forward. And please know I’m always cheering you on in that process of creating, and really liberating this amazing light of source within you. Because no one can do it like you do. Okay. Alrighty, so let’s just take a couple nice deep breaths here and really help us center energy right here within the center of our being. It’s not, it’s not an ideal situation to have your energy kind of off to the left or off to the right too much in our heads.

We definitely want to be using our brains always. And it is very valuable to have that consciousness that focus, be deeper within yourself. So it’s good to visualize your attention going within your heart. So as you take a couple nice deep breaths, you may want to visualize this beautiful golden ball or a sphere of literally like this beautiful kind of luminous and gold going from your head and then dropping down into your heart space. Okay, nice deep breath. Nice. And let’s let that gold ball go right down to our heart centered space where there is a deeper sense of knowing a deeper sense of peace and calm and quiet, that our brains tend to not be able to get us into nice deep breath. That will not be the first time I’m muting myself so that you don’t have to hear my cough. Okay, very good. Let’s relax our shoulders. Put a smile on your face. If you haven’t already, please. Let me give you an update. So last week we were at the Platinum age retreat in Zion. And let’s just put it this way. I will definitely be back. So I’m actually already planning next year’s Platinum age retreat in Zion because it was such an absolutely delicious experience. There were 12 of us, me included. So right when you walk out of your, your building in the morning, there’s just these cliffs that you literally have to like strain your neck to look up at the top of them. There’s this beautiful red and orange colors. And a lot of our group had, well, not a lot, but many of our several, at least several of our group had been to Sedona and I haven’t been to Sedona as human Jill actually, for some reason I’m not really that drawn to Sedona. But several in the group that had been there said, Zion is like Sedona on steroids. So that was very comforting to me that that we picked another wonderful place because there’s so many beautiful places on this planet, to come together and enjoy the beauty of nature, and to hang out together. And what we do in a retreat is we turn off the lights like really high. We help us. Let’s see our teams assist us and feeling more masterful and more confident in who and what we are as a soulful being as eternal life that just happens to be in a human form, not by coincidence, but by plan, by design. And the level of expansion that we get from spending time together, hanging out laughing, you know, having fun activities, whether we’re hiking or getting outside or just sharing a meal together. I love to plan these experiences. And it does feel like a cosmic family reunion. And I actually used to call them a cosmic family reunion. So it was funny that I hadn’t used that term in a while. And then somebody at the retreat, I think it was Melissa. She said, it’s really like a, like a cosmic family reunion. I was like, oh, there’s that there’s that term. Again, that’s so perfect. Anyway, so I do have a lot of recordings from that vent, all audio, and my main priority is to share those directly with those that participated. We didn’t have any glitches with audio recordings this year, thank goodness. And I’m very excited to get those recordings out to the participants, and then I’ll decide whether I feel like some of them are kind of wanting to be shared more publicly, so stay tuned on that. But you were there. There were there were so many that are here in this audience and that, you know, resonate with my work and I’m proud of this tribe here. That were part of that experience. And we could definitely feel that when I got a couple text messages over the weekend or over the four days that we had saying, Oh my gosh, what are you guys doing? I totally feel it. And then I hung out with some people on Sunday. And I guess on Friday night, they were like, I think it was Wednesday night. Anyway, she was like, What is this energy and feeling? Oh, yeah, that’s right, the Platinum age retreat is going on. So she’s been to some of them so she knows what we do. And it’s like, oh, yeah, that’s right. There’s a significant turning up of light going on at this time. And I feel so blessed. So absolutely blessed to get to hang out with you guys in person and get to do this work and shoulder to shoulder. way it is so fun and so game changing for us personally in our lives. I know when I get home from those retreats, I feel like a better version of myself. I do feel more confident I do feel more stable and more loving. I feel more appreciative of my human family and it is unfortunate that with a good amount of spiritual teachings and enlightenment practices that it can actually pull us away from our loved ones. And I mean that can be justified if there’s a toxic or negative energy pattern there. But a lot of times, we can kind of lose ourselves in an enlightenment or spiritual practice. And to me the whole point of spiritual experiences and enlightenment is to get us closer into our humaneness with the light. So the light and the humaneness actually go together more than our brains or maybe current day teachings would lead us to believe they go together beautifully. Okay, nice. Oh my goodness. Okay, so yes, I did have a cold throughout the process and how wonderful in a in a group like this, there tends to be quite a few of us. All of them are also healers. So I was, you know, doing what I can, but I didn’t. Yeah. Anyway, I was able to keep up with everybody. And today, it’s just the cough anyway, so I, I actually kind of like the deep throaty voice. I feel like I’m imitating me more or something. So, anyway, it’s all good. Okay, so what we’re going to be talking about today, and I got this idea on the plane home with my friend Sandy, who was there, hey there Sandy. She was sitting next to me and I was just getting these ideas about things I wanted to talk about, and we’re throwing it in for today, tossing it in for today, and it is what did Jesus do without the Bible? Okay, yeah, Jesus is like, you may want to back up a little bit. Okay. Yeah. Oh God. Yeah. Okay, God, where do I start? Okay. So there were a couple people. This happens, right where when we go to a retreat or when we sometimes let our loved ones know what we’re doing, or what we’re, you know, up to what classes we’re taking or what we’re involved in, that those that don’t understand what we’re doing, they get concerned. And depending on their ideology and belief system, they can actually get worried. There were two different people that made the comment that their family members thought that the kind of work that you and I do together is a cult. And part of me is just so sad about that. And so disappointed.

It’s a small part of me that feels sad and disappointed, but it’s a noticeable part. Because it’s so unnecessary. I mean, of all the things to be worried about from, you know, one loved one to another loved one, the idea that somebody is worried about what we’re doing is just like, I’m sorry, what what do you think we’re doing that would make you concerned? So part of it to me, my frustration comes in because I can’t help but believe it’s just based on this huge misunderstanding. And I often wonder, and I have been wondering more since this weekend, and this came up is how often we actually make it harder on ourselves with loved ones or or family members or you know, whatever relationship I feel like sometimes we actually make you make that divide or discord or confusion or their fears, we actually make it worse without trying to. Or maybe subconsciously we are trying to if we if we kind of want to poke and jab and say you can’t tell me what to do, I don’t know. But I know for me, I intentionally, like, I’m not expecting everyone to agree with what we’re doing. I mean pioneers, you know, cutting edge trailblazers etc. It’s natural that there’s going to be misunderstanding and confusion and fear about what we’re doing. But I think, for me, for those that are calling in a work like this a cult, they tend to be of a more of a mainstream Christian religion, ideology and they can’t see how much we love Jesus and They can’t see how we love God as much, maybe even more, it’s not a competition as they do. And that the reason for I know me that I left organized religion is because I didn’t feel as close personally to God, as I knew somehow, that I should be able to that that the teachings, as they were demonstrated in modern day Christianity weren’t making me feel personally connected to God, they were making me feel like there was a church in the way there was a there was a book in the way and interpreting that book, right or wrong was in the way. There was a minister in the way I mean, there was all these intermediaries and a lot of fear about getting it wrong. And I can understand all of that, and I feel like all the intentions are good, but somehow I knew that we could do better. So I left organized religion, I have a whole other video series. It’s just a two video series. Anyway, is that a series if there’s only two parts, anyway, a two part collection that I’ll be sharing soon. But it’s very possible that those that feel very fear based and that’s not a horrible thing. It’s just another dimension of love. Fear is just another dimension of love. You show me something that you’re afraid of, and I’ll show you something that you love. Their fear would also have been applied to Jesus. And that’s what they probably don’t see if they were alive when Jesus was alive, they would have been calling him a freak, a radical and a dangerous person, and probably a cult leader. And Jesus is laughing at that idea because it’s so true. But they won’t see that right. And there is a bit of superiority that can come in with some people, when they’re when they’re out of their fear. their ego feels very puffed up at the idea that well, it’s almost like that person can feel like Well, I know I have it all figured out. But then that person or that person or that group, they’re really confused and clearly it’s a cult.

I am led to do a, like a separate message at some point on what is a cult and how this is definitely not a cult. Just from a rational, intelligent, intelligent perspective, it’s more likely that they’re a member of a cult, without even knowing it. And that makes me mad to be mislabeled unfairly. And judged unfairly. I mean, if you’re going to disagree with me, if you’re going to be afraid of me, I want it to be on valid reasons of what we’re really doing, not what they’re afraid of what we’re doing. So I’m feeling led to share this really quick. I, regarding this way that we sometimes make it harder for ourselves. Okay, I had email exchanges with the the group coordinator at Zion lodge for next year because like I said, I’m already planning for next year because it was so much fun this year. So I just want to read you really quickly this email exchange Okay, let me find it. Sorry for the delay on this. Okay. Okay, and I’m she says and I’m about to group out, I’ll book the group under Platinum age retreat. Correct. And then she wrote what is Platinum age? I’m curious. And then she verified my contact information. So how I answered her about what the Platinum age is. Okay, let’s see. I need I need everybody’s love here because I want to find this. And I do want to read it exactly the way it was. And sometimes my Google is making it harder. Oh, there we go. Okay, it puts all these dot dot dot so I can’t see all the threads OMG, okay, everybody just breath. Oh, there we go. Okay, finally, I wrote, We are a group that is dedicated to making making the world a better place for all life on Earth. You see, there’s no woo-woo in there. Right. I didn’t say the word spirit. I didn’t even use the word spirituality, which doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. I mean, some people when they hear spirits, they think of ghosts. Okay, we’re not doing anything with ghosts here. Okay, but yeah, we are a group that is dedicated to making the world a better place for all life on Earth That is so true about what we do. And her answer wasn’t like that’s weird or, and energetically, just really quickly, she responded, that’s beautiful. It is what you and I do together is absolutely beautiful. So I’m encouraging all of you where you know that there’s misunderstandings, where you know that somebody is confused about what you do. Just really contemplate maybe over the next day or two, what words do you use? How do you describe what we’re doing? And is it unnecessarily like difficult, weird kind of jargon, that of course they wouldn’t relate to. I mean, how could they without your experiences? So I know a lot about jargon, from my experience in corporate especially at Hewlett Packard it was cultish in a way in terms of how we would all of a sudden change the name of, of like what we’ve called a certain process that we used, or the org names, organization names would change. And, man, if you weren’t up to speed on using the latest name, it was like, the latest term, you were just like, it was just like, No, we don’t say that anymore. Or they immediately correct you. So there’s a strange situation in some cultures of like the right words, etc. And I don’t want to perpetuate that. I hope I’m not being hypocritical here. But I don’t want to make up new words. As much as I want words that make sense to us. And don’t unnecessarily divide us from the rest of humanity. I don’t see the benefit in that with where we are right now. It mean if you have somebody that’s that’s worried about you being in a cult, wouldn’t you rather have them worry about something that actually is not is like worth being worried about whether it’s their health or their finances, or something else that they’re overlooking, while they’re busy worrying about you, right? We can’t make them stop worrying about us.

But I just it’s like, it was actually laughing with Sandy because we were talking about the situation of somebody that she knows that, that there’s a loved one just terrified of that person. And that person that’s worried, is very Christian. And I was like, oh, if I were that person, you know, around that around that Christian, I would have a shirt I would like have a shirt made. But at first I said that the shirt would say like, I love Jesus. And I would have like five versions of it. And I would wear it every day around that person. And then I thought, No, actually, I would take it to the next level. I would have the shirt say Jesus loves me. And another little, you know, words underneath and loves you too. Because, I mean, if they understood that about us, and what we are really doing here, they probably wouldn’t be worried at all. They’d be like, Oh, really? You guys. Wait, you guys love Jesus? Oh, I didn’t know that I thought you were all into like, channeled aliens and spaceships landing on the White House lawn and that you were, you know, anyway just there’s just so many things to get confused about. And anyway, I’m not saying we’re all that normal. But I don’t think I don’t see that there’s anything to be worried about when you really look at what we’re doing and who we are and what we’re supporting and expanding and contributing to and sharing on in this reality where everybody wins. With a light of God within all life is amplified and accelerated and made personal to each and every form of life from the inside out. That’s my expectation of the best way to do this here. Okay. All right, there we go. So I noticed I keep tapping the table here, and I hope that that doesn’t, might get distracting with the mic, but if it does it I have my quirks. Okay, so what we’re going to in terms of the overall agenda today, what we were planning on talking about and that we will is what did Jesus do without the book? And as I said, as I kind of wrote down the title on the blog, I was like, are we gonna have anything really new for like our core audience? And they were like, Oh, yes. So bring it on team. I’m so glad you guys can’t hear my cough. It is so ugly, it’s Okay, so here we go. I’m just closing my eyes to go deeper within myself into that heart centered space, where for whatever reasons I have access to wisdom and knowledge and insights and love and healing. And that comes through and messages to help us be connected to that light of source that light of God, one God within our lives. Okay, so let’s start off with the obvious what, what Jesus did is not that different than what a lot of us do. That’s not blasphemy. That’s honor for the model that he provided for us for the life that he lived, for the example that he gave, and for the infinite support, that he offered humanity by his being human to chalk that up to account for that, as only one person only him, having had access to that makes humanity and the entire human race set back as if he’d never come. We make his life matter even more. by honoring the connection he had with his humaneness and the legacy that he leaves for all of humanity by the light that he embodied while he was here.

The light that he showed us, along with the full range of human emotion that he showed us, the kindness, the compassion, the generosity, the sadness that he felt the anger that he felt He embodied the full range of human emotions. And he embodied a range of the love and the power of the Holy Spirit. Possibly better than we’d ever seen. Now, I don’t want to overlook the fact of how that went for him. He was a freak to the establishment, he was a threat. And a freak. I’m imagining a lot of us can relate bit to that. But isn’t it wonderful that we get to see each other that we get to truly support each other. Love each other in this freakishly Weird, potentially threatening only to the status quo, by the way, way that we are ourselves as we continue to push the envelope of what it means to be a human and what it means to be an enlightened human. This group has said no to a lot of paradigms, and stereotypes and programs. And we will continue to do just that. Jesus had an inner compass of what he was looking for, and it was all about connection to God. It was all about him feeling personally connected to God. I know for me, that’s exactly how I would describe my, I want to say litmus test or assessment criteria for what is helpful in the world in terms of religious teachings or world religions, concepts in new ageism, etc. My number one, what I’m looking for is does it bring you closer to God? Or does it make you feel further separate from God, which is mainly what this world tends to do is to make us feel separate from God. So Jesus had an inner compass, all life and yes, human life also has that inner compass and there are and there are various systems in place. That inadvertently teach you to question that inner compass. There are so many layers and fragments to that and that would be a wonderful conversation for like a two hour presentation at a live event which I would love to do and I’m excited about setting up at some point. Just think about a couple of them though. As a child, in the human race, we are treated as a blank slate. We are treated as a vessel that needs to be filled with facts and figures and knowledge and formulas and rules. So there is very little to any, if anything in this world, that is helping you cultivate the natural compass, the natural connection to source Creator God in your life and the more that someone may feel compelled or forced, or it’s their nature to follow the rules, the more quickly that inner compass will be forgotten, dismantled, fragmented to the point that they don’t even know who they are. It happens differently for every human. But there’s some of us. And Jesus was very much this way, that are just we’re wired in this really stubborn, rebellious way. And that’s a hard thing to be in this reality.

I mean, some of us, you know, created other other layers of ourselves to fit in and not be a troublemaker. At least not be identified as a troublemaker as much but, you know, there’s many sides to our personalities, etc. But I always felt bad for the kid in the classroom that just asked questions all the time of the teacher. And there was a part of me that actually appreciated that those were really, really good questions. But the teacher given the role that they played and needing to maintain control and authority needed to suppress that spirit, their goal at times, maybe even they didn’t even realize it was to suppress that questioning nature of that individual, because it was disruptive. Because it was off topic because it was holding everybody you know, back from moving forward in the curriculum, that the teacher had planned. So sometimes those kids give up Sometimes those rebels stop asking questions. If that’s you, I just want to give you a hug. Because I’m sorry that that happened to you and that it sucks that that happened. And I want you to know that that that fiery, feisty, inquisitive, curious version of you is still in there. And that you can bring that version of you back out to play. Now that you’re adult, now that you’re the adult and get to ask the big questions, I would caution you not to expect any great answers, because the great questions that you had as a kid are probably so fabulous questions as an adult. Those questions came from your compass. Those questions came from that inner desire of wanting a certain level of authenticity and truth. meaningfulness, not just in your life, but of this world. Okay.

The other, you know, fragment or flavor of this is those that we may have realized that we’re, you know, we kind of realized that maybe the teacher didn’t even have the answers that that they pretended to have about things or we kind of realized that the information they provided was actually wrong. In some cases, or it just didn’t sound right. Just kind of like the way we sat in church saying, I think there’s something off about this. This, this isn’t right. And I don’t know why I know that it’s not right. But I just know that that’s not right. And this kind of sensation is so common in this group, that we were told by the so called experts what was real and somehow a layer of us that inner compass knew that it was isn’t real, but that they were under some sort of a delusion or a spell, like a cult, of pretending it was real or believing it was real, and that they wanted us to be afraid of disbelieving it. That’s what I cult does, it pressures you to not think for yourself, it pressures you to go along with the flow and it imposes and manufacturers great risk if you do something on your own and if you go away from the herd that’s a cult. So if you define it that way, there’s cults all over the place. There’s cult-ish energy. Samson, I’m sorry honey, I’m I can’t let you out right now baby, come here. There’s cultish energy and behavior all over in this reality. And this isn’t it. This isn’t one of them. I actually get annoyed when I’m on social media and I notice one of our group members kind of parroting back what I’ve said. And I can notice energetically that they don’t they don’t have it here. They have it here. And it sounded good. And they’re just like, well, Jill Renee Feeler says and I’m just like, oh, but and what I even want to say is but what do you believe? What’s your take on it? What’s why is that truth for you? Why did you decide that that was worth repeating, in in any, you know, scene or setting? I want to know about you and your light of source Creator God, there is one creator, and we are each a unique and individual expression of that. I’m excited for you to be an amazingly pure and divinely Just rock star version of that, along with being fully human. That’s the coolness about this whole experience here is that we are not one. So let’s go back to the inner compass that Jesus operated from. He trusted it. I mean, why not trust it if it allowed him to see the truth of this reality, even a significantly uncomfortable truths, even when he was the only one seeing it at times, even when his mother at times didn’t see it, even when the church leaders, the experts, were trying to say something the exact opposite or were being hypocritical, etc.

Jesus had an inner compass, a way of discerning what was of source what was up God and allowed him to feel that personal connection to God. And what was trying to pull him away from that personal connection to God. He isn’t the only one that has this inner compass. Some of us have it more intact than others. Some of us have it deep in the recesses of our beingness that but we’ve, we’ve put it to the side because maybe it was just too painful. Maybe we just, it got too tiring to go against the grain. And we just wanted to blend in. It just felt easier to just blend in and pretend that we’re going along with all of this ridiculous nonsense. Jesus couldn’t bring himself to do that. He was enough of a fiery, rebellious, extroverted individual, that not only could he not, not only could he deny, he couldn’t deny the injustice and the lies and the manipulation and nonsense that he was seeing in the world, he also couldn’t keep quiet about it. It was against his nature to just go, oh, well, I guess maybe that’s what they’re choosing to experience. And I’ll just let them go along. No, he wanted to share, he felt compelled almost to share what he was seeing, with the hopes that others may see the truth as well. Because his primary passion was for everyone to feel that personal connection to the love of God that has nothing to do with messages that has nothing to do with being psychic, has nothing to do with being a healer. It has everything to do with feeling loved, in an environment that can feel very unloving. That was one of the primary objectives of him following that inner compass acting on it. Wanting to live from it in a without apology sort of way. I feel like a lot of us would actually be doing more of that if we trusted that inner compass more.

We want validation. Jesus did not have validation. But he didn’t feel like he needed it because he had that personal connection. But it wasn’t like he was a robotic, you know, aligned. You know, being that was channeling God. I mean, he was a living demonstration of God’s love. And that’s how he wants us to look at ourselves right now. This is the second coming. It’s the restoration of God’s love from within human form as Jesus showed us one way to do it. The return of that doesn’t have to be one person. It doesn’t have to be filled with all these prophecies and series of things that happen in Divine orchestration. It doesn’t have to mean death and destruction. It doesn’t have to mean a rapture program being implemented. It doesn’t have to mean death and destruction and it doesn’t have to mean personal sacrifice. So that inner compass has already gotten you to this point. And this point where you are is pretty fabulous. You’ve said no to a lot of bullshit. you’ve stepped away from a lot of nonsense and you’ve said yes to versions of you, in powerful ways of going against the grain. And being this rebellious pioneer that make Jesus very proud. He knows exactly what it’s like to feel persecuted by loved ones by well meaning neighbors. By concerned church leaders and by terrified political figures. He knows all about that. And in response to that experience that he had here, there’s tremendous compassion and excitement. That all the attention this time isn’t on one person. his inner compass was so bright, and his conviction was so bold, and he was so loud and so fiery, that it drew the attention of those that were worried about him, or terrified of him and the disrupting qualities he does. He was bringing into the reality and the shaky status quo, the shaky political systems, that part of him made all the attention on him. Isn’t it perfect? That the Second Coming, that that the Christian teachings talked about, is now beautifully disseminated as this inner compass that is available within all life. Perhaps we learned from that timeline that there would be a better way to do it, where wouldn’t have to be all the focus on one and such a dangerous, precarious position. Without leaders life would be at stake. Literally and figuratively. It wasn’t funny Jesus just said it was a pun. I don’t like it. I hate it. I hate you being on that cross brother. Never be okay with that. I don’t want to laugh about it The Holy Bible the testament He actually didn’t want it. Because he saw what the Old Testament had done to the temple leaders and the faith, the Jewish faith. It, it was meant as a guide to God. But it ended up being a guide to processes and protocol and traditions that had no light force in it. It was just going through the motions, motions that weren’t leading one to God. So had had he been alive. And I mean, the intentions are good about why the book is there, but he was afraid of exactly what is happening. That there’s so much emphasis on the book that we forgotten to look in the heart, the heart of ourselves, and the heart of each other. about who we really are. And can you feel the love God in yourself? And is your inner compass activated enough into your trusted enough and do you use it and put it to use everyday basis in this reality. Where you know the love of God when you see it. Even if somebody is using words and language that are different than your own so that you can better ascertain what is a threat to source Creator God in this reality versus what is a sponsor of it and ambassador of it, a beacon of it in this world. That book puts itself between the human and their compass.

And that’s the downside of having a text, just the nature of the human brain and the fear of doing things wrong and the passion to get it so called right. It just ends up doing in some ways more harm than good. But without the book, there’s so much individual freedom and that’s terrifying to some, because they don’t trust individual freedom, because they don’t trust the core nature of humanity, partly because of the book and what it says But the stories are misunderstood. Just like we are often misunderstood. And the stories are taken to literally in many in many instances. And still, every human is doing the best they can with what they know. Trust what you know, trust the love in your heart that comes from beyond your humaneness that wants all life to have a beautiful and glorious and loved experience in this reality that is always Godly. That is always trustworthy. And by tuning yourself like a tuning fork to that kind of love, love for yourself and love for all others. That compass puts itself right back together just like it was they’re all alone. Just ready for you. To be a version of you that makes love, real beyond steps and protocols and procedures and training of the mind the natural, organic way that humanity can be loving and caring and good and want good for self and want good for all others. And a brain that is savvy enough to understand the complexities of that system in this reality where there is free will, where there is misinformation where there is manipulation, where there is unconsciousness, where there are a lot of people walking around as if they’re sure they know everything. And it is so obvious they know nothing. There is no need to look at them necessarily with contempt. Or at least alongside that contempt, maybe a hint of compassion. Well, being very aware of this reality and how humans can behave, being very honest and real with yourself about what you are a and how badly things can go wrong. Because they don’t always go wrong. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes it feels like your best dream. But that compass will help you have more of those moments and that compass plus a savvy understanding of who and what you are and who and what this reality is, can help you be more discerning and more aware about how to respond when that unconsciousness is in your minutes. Either in your own field from your own misunderstanding, or when it’s beckoning at your door. Okay? Okay. We’re going long today. I’m just looking at the time I need to get running because I think I have client this afternoon in about a half an hour. So we’ll wrap up here.

Thank you for being everything that you are. I am so grateful to be interacting with you on a regular basis. There are so many free resources that we offer. All very similar to messages like this. There’s a lot of it that’s free, can you I mean, just think about some people charge hundreds of dollars for what we just said here. They’ll make it into a text. They’ll make it into a 10 week course or a year long event. I just want you to know it. So we do a lot for free. Okay. Now, there are for pay services that we have and one of them is coming up the Saturday. There is a series called the Ascension Codes that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done. It probably is closest to the Outwitting Wetiko series that we did a few years ago. But more, it’s another level of I want to say brutal honesty, about the afterlife, our life reviews, the nonsense that happens in this world, plus the nonsense that happens in the afterworld that helps us further instill a confidence in the light of God in this reality so that we can be true and have that compass on board in all experiences, not just after we die. But how about while we live So that I think it’s nine recordings that are part of that series, the Ascension Codes. And then I did set up a bonus live Q&A and that live Q&A call is this week. So it’s Saturday, November 11 2017. And then the Ascension Codes you can just find them by going to my website. It’s Okay, yeah, we talked about ascension, it’s, it’s literally the the bringing to this the love of source it’s the seed of all life. You can expand that and bring it basically up into your human consciousness into your human awareness. And that it relates perfectly with what we were talking about today with that compass. So the ascension codes is a series that goes through some very meaningful relevant, it is a lot of brutal truth and I have found that there is support a portion of our population that that would rather not know the truth. They’d rather you know, keep going to the things that make them feel good and tell me it’s going to be all okay and tell me everything’s going to be better. Tell me things are going to get great. And we’re going to have heaven on earth really anytime soon. We just need to wait and stay, you know, doing what we’re doing and everything’s gonna be great. No, because that’s not the way this reality works. So I love you enough to tell you the truth about what’s really happening here and that in it, and I wish it were, but it’s not. So the sooner that we can get clear about not clear like clearing but honest with ourselves about what this place really is, then the sooner we can get busy by being the example of the love of God, the example of a light of source that you’ve been along, and when we live from that anchor point of our own humaneness it turns everything up, you feel more authority over your joy, you feel more authority over your life and who and what you are more personal responsibility over all facets of who and what you are. And the more I see humans taking on this approach, the more I see a version of humanity I know for me that I’m really proud of, and we always knew as possible. And we don’t have to wait for anyone else to get it and that’s a major bonus. Okay. Alright guys, I love you so much. Again, my website is I have probably hundreds of videos at this point. I’m also on iTunes. I think technically, it’s actually at that podcast app. And I need So YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the iTunes podcast and yeah, Okay, I love you guys so much and thank you for being here today. I love hanging out with you and turning up the light. I love you. Bye bye. lost my voice there for a minute. That was funny.